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  1. Neo Conflict - Beta

    I restarted the server with improved graphics and better terrain generation. I also reworked the unit move system along with other fixes and changes. Any feedback is welcome
  2. Neo Conflict - Beta

    Update: added demo option, you can play right away without registering! Check it out! Neo Conflict
  3. Neo Conflict - Beta

    Hi, i want to let you know about my browser strategy game [smile] The game is turn based, and you control modern units (jeeps,tanks etc) against other players on a huge board-like map. You create your units and send them to capture resource points and fight other players. Each unit has abilities and can gain veterancy with kills. You also have research, you can join a alliance, make pacts with other players and more. You can register and play right away at Neo Conflict The graphics are not much to look at, i've been looking for someone to improve them for while now but not much luck so far. If you think you can help check my thread in the help section: Also Internet Explorer is not supported now. Firefox, Opera and Chrome should work fine. Any feedback is welcome, thanks! Here are a few screenshots: