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  1. BloodyOats & SigmaX- Thanks. Yeah I am thinking of hitting Little Big Planet hard. DaveTroyer -> Sure you did help. I have noted your points and will be the first to start when I sound engineer the game. You ideas did give me some angle to think about.
  2. Hello, [b]Game Idea[/b]: My player is small compared to the world. He starts from the top of a tree and falls down. His/her goal would be to reach the bottom of the surface. When he reaches the bottom surface, I wish to deliver a pleasant experience to the user as a result of his/her hardship on completing the journey. [b]Sample ideas[/b]: The experience could be watching anything from "a plant growing" to "helping a part of a farm to grow". With the latter, it would press the player to pursue the journey over and over again, till the entire farm is grown. They are just some examples. [b]Considerations[/b]: There has to be an emotional experience upon the player. The result should be rewarded greatly. The aesthetics is just being grateful to yourself for what you have done, emotional, relishing the beauty of nature and/or just rewarding. It [b]should-not [/b]materialistic such as gifting with coins or increase the score what so ever. There has to be a visual impact. So it just a tree and the player is falling from the tree towards the ground. I am just stuck with a creativity and hence it made to post here. Please let me know some ideas beyond the sample I have. Even it is primitive, I would happy as there might be something to start with. Thank you & Please... regards, Karsnen.
  3. Hello Devs, I have a thesis proposal to submit and I have just four hours left for the deadline. I do not have a strong idea of what to perceive and I need some publications to support it. I would like to in the field of physics and with respect to racing cars(game). Could someone guide me here. Thank you. Karsnen. P.S. If not racing cars, do help me.
  4. It is not a undergrad thesis. It is a post grad thesis. Thank you for the info, I am looking into it. Is there anything more you could provide me?
  5. @PREDATOR_UK Thank you. I am searching for ref materials right now. It helped as a start from me:).
  6. @LorenzoGatti My Prof expect a final application at the end of the day. As far as my proposal is concerned, it should basically answer the questions "WHAT", "WHY" and "HOW" and the proposal has to be a one page document. Along with my proposal I have to submit 3 existing papers which have to be as a reference. I already have ample amount of knowledge on physics and I am interested too. In fact I am fetish about kinematics. My instinct says that I could do something on Kinematics with respect to 2 d games. I do not have any more specific ideas on this though. Some relevant information of how this topic could be perceived with reference papers would be great and thank you too. P.S. I have done much info and I have only one day left to submit my proposal. KINDLY help me.
  7. Hello Devs, As a part of my course work, I have to submit a thesis proposal. I am interested in working in relation to the field of gaming and Physics. Could you provide me with some info that would help me. Thank you. Karsnen.
  8. @programci_84 & @ rip-off Thank you. I will work it out and come back to you again. Actually I am having trouble in lighting. It seems that I have initialized two instances. Source: [url="http://codepad.org/6siGDAy0"]http://codepad.org/6siGDAy0[/url] I hope you guys can understand it. If you guys could help. It would be really great. Thank you. Karsnen.
  9. well @emforce I have the same question on my mind. could someone help us.
  10. Buddies, I am building a game using DirectX 10 and I want to use a procedural terrain. Can someone out there help me or guide to deliver a procedural terrain. thanks in advance.
  11. I forgot to mention that, my SDK is DirectX 10
  12. ppl, I am loading a simple mesh file on the terrain. On collision I have to delete or destroy it. Could someone pls help me out with this issue? Sincerely karsnen.
  13. [b]ERROR:[/b] [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]1>d3dutil.obj. : Unresolved external symbol "struct _D3DMATERIAL9 _cdec d3d::InitMtrl(struct D3DXCOLOR, struct D3DXCOLOR, struct D3DXCOLOR, struct D3DXCOLOR, float)" ................[/size][/font][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2] [/size][/font] there are a total of 3 errors which are very similar. I pretty sure that there is no fault with the code. I am using VS2010 and june 09 release of directX. Even i do have another compiled project with the same coding and it runs fine over there. I checked most of the linker settings and pretty much every property settings. I am not sure what I am mission. can someone who know help me. thank, you in advance. code : [font=ariel, sans-serif][size=2][url="http://codepad.org/auHCyNkB"]http://codepad.org/auHCyNkB[/url][/size][/font] -> this is just the cpp file.
  14. you are very specific. for XNA i m not sure. but for game dev i would suggest 3ds if you are student else blender.
  15. would love to hang around at gamedev as much as i could. disabled FB on my lappy:)