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  1. [center][img]http://zengl.org/logo.png[/img][/center] After a while new version of [b]ZenGL[/b] has been released. [b]ZenGL[/b] is a crossplatform game development library written in Pascal, and designed to provide necessary functionality for rendering 2D-graphics, handling input, sound output, etc. More details can be found [url="http://zengl.org/features.html"]here[/url]. This new release provides next features:[list] [*]support of [b]iOS[/b](with few commercial projects behind) and [b]Android[/b] [*]support of [b]zip[/b]-archives [*]multithreaded resource loading [*]video decoding subsystem with support of [b]theora[/b] [*]build with bindings and demos for [b]C/C++[/b] [/list]
  2. Hello, A few days ago I have completed to translate the comments in demos into English(but my English is not well) and want to present my own cross-platform library for game development :) It's fully written in Pascal without using any third party libraries, except some API's like OpenGL/OpenAL and Direct3D/DirectSound. Current version: 0.2 RC5 (2010.11.21) Official website: http://zengl.org SVN repository: http://zengl.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ Help: Compilation Supported OS: GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS X Supported compilers: FreePascal 2.2+, Delphi 7+ Graphics API: OpenGL, Direct3D 8/9 Sound API: OpenAL, DirectSound License: GNU LGPL version 3 Main - can be used as so/dll/dylib or statically compiled with your application - rendering to own or any other prepared window - logging - resource loading from files and memory - easy way to add supporting for new resource format Configuration of - antialiasing, screen resolution, refresh rate and vertical synchronization - aspect correction - title, position and size of window - cursor visibility in window space Input - handling keyboard, mouse and joystick input - handling of Unicode text input - possibility to restrict the input to the Latin alphabet Textures - supports tga, png and jpg - correct work with NPOT textures - control the filter parameters - masking - render targets for rendering into texture Text - textured Unicode-font - rendering UTF-8 or ANSI text - rendering text with alignment and other options like size, color and count of symbols 2D-subsystem - batch render for high-speed rendering - rendering different primitives - sprite engine - rendering static and animated sprites and tiles - rendering distortion grid - rendering sprites with new texture coordinates(with the pixel dimension and the usual 0..1) - control the blend mode and color mix mode - control the color and alpha of vertices of sprites and primitives - additional sprite transformations(flipping, zooming, vertices offset) - fast clipping of invisible sprites - 2D camera with ability to zoom and rotate the scene Sound - works through OpenAL or DirectSound in depends on configuration or OS - correct work without soundcard - supportы wav and ogg as sound samples - playing ogg files in separate thread - control the volume and playback speed - moving sound sources in 3D space Mathematic - basic set of additional math functions - triangulation functions - basic set of collision functions Additional - reading and writing ini-files - functions for work with files and memory [Edited by - Andru-kun on November 21, 2010 4:43:20 PM]