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  1. UDK for Mac

    Anyone know how to get the UDK for Mac?   I only see the PC version in the downloads section.   Thanks.  
  2. I know the Model–view–controller pattern is popular in general programming.   But what about in games?   Is it used in games much?   Anyone here ever used it?   Thanks.  
  3. multi-thread

    The Nexus 7 currently has 4 cores.  Almost every processor sold now seems to have >1 core.     To take advantage of this, I think you need more than one thread.  In a game, what could the threads do?  Is there a way to take a single-threaded game and make it multi-threaded so it takes advantage of multiple cores?   I remember Intel had a hyper threaded contest, but I couldn't enter my game cause it only used one thread, I think.  
  4. physics loop

      Do you really need to 'synchronism every frame'? I think 99.9% of the time things will look fine if you don't synchronize every frame.  
  5. physics loop

    What do you guys think?   Is it better to make a game with a physics loop as a separate thread or not?   If it is separate, you could have all kinds of multi-threading issues.  If it's not, you may be losing performance on a multi-core system.   Thanks.  
  6. Controllers

        How does this look for a controller interface? public interface Controller {     float getX();     float getY();     // returns whether the x and y positions are delta or absolute positions     boolean isDelta(); } Thanks.  
  7. Controllers

    I have a spaceship, and I want to make it possible to control it using different mechanisms.  Like Keyboard, mouse, joystick.   I want to do something like this:   spaceship.setController(new KeyBoardController()).     Does anybody do things this way or am I on the wrong track?   Thanks.  
  8. collisions? n^2 checks?

    If you have 100 objects on screen and want to see about collisions...   Do you just check all 100 objects with the 99 others? (thus doing 9900 collision checks)     Is there a better way?   Thanks.  
  9. trouble posting images

    I'm having trouble posting images on devimg.net.   Can someone else try that feature and see if it works?   Thanks.  
  10. tileable

    how do you make a brick texture tileable
  11. Wolfenstein3d

    Anyone know where I can get some good Wolfenstein3d-looking textures for my game?
  12. cocos2d

    if you make a game in cocos2d, can you submit it to the mac app store?
  13. slot machine fruit

    I'm thinking of buying this for my slot machine: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-73574407/stock-vector-glossy-fruit-set.html You think it is worth $19?
  14. blinking bar

    [quote name='Prinz Eugn' timestamp='1345329588' post='4970935'] Impossible to say without any context. Can you give us a screenshot of your slot machine and maybe show us where this would fit? [/quote] http://postimage.org/image/e6zddrb39/
  15. blinking bar

    i'm making a slot machine, and i need a blinking bar on the winning line. please let me know which bar style looks best: http://postimage.org/image/mqg6jkucz/
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