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  1. In my 2D Graphic adventure engine I use a really simple file format for storing animation data for sprites. Sequencing animations was previously done in my room editor tool but it was really clunky and error prone and didn't make much sense to have in that tool. I decided that rather than write a new tool that somebody might already have created something I could use that could either be scripted to output my format (I've done this for 3d with blender) or that can output a simple file I could convert to my own with all the information I need. The format I use is a binary file containing the following: the number of animations in the file (16 bit integer) for each animation:     the number of frames in each animation (16 bit integer)     for each frame:         the filename of a bitmap (16 bit integer length followed by n characters)         the origin point, this is important for lining up frames of different sizes (2x 16 bit integers)         the length of time to display measured in jiffies (1/60th of a second) (8 bit integer)   Does anyone one know a GUI tool that I could use so I don't have to edit these in hex anymore? I'm looking for something for sequencing  and playback only as I already have tools for editing pixels.
  2. Hey everyone, for almost a year now I've have been developing a brand new adventure game for the "obsolete" MS-DOS platform and I've decided to share my experiences and the things I've learned in the process. The game is called Chuck Jones: Space Cop of the Future and if you're interested in learning about retro programming, extreme optimization, assembly code or adventure games you might wanna check it out. https://chuckjonesdevblog.wordpress.com/
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