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  1. Questions

    I would suggest Python and the Pygame library, found at www.pygame.org Best of luck
  2. Tool Development

    I fell in loooove with Python and WxWindows when making a level/script editor for my 4E4 contest entry, which by the way never got done in time.. The level editor has about twice the functionality, playability and roughly 3k lines more of code in it :) I can only recommend using Python for rapid development of tools
  3. Post your pet!

    Does this dog look amused?? Hard to tell what breed it is And when she's dry she looks like this: Here's the second one The first one, which is my wifes dog, is Tess - a 5 years old Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog). She likes to stay indoors,loves to sleep and chew on her rubber bone. The other one, Riva, is a one year old Norrbottenspets (very rare outside Scandinavia, an old Swedish breed used mainly for hunting small game, link to Norrbottenspets Club of Canada for you english-speaking guys.) She's much more active and demanding for her poor owner (me) and likes to chew on everything that we leave on the floor.
  4. Time spent on your contest entry?

    Quote:Original post by PnP Bios Haven't even started yet. Python has drawn me in, and it won't let me out. Perhaps after I learn that a bit more. Same problem here.. I started writing a Level editor using wxPython some days ago, and I find it much more fun than hacking around inside my game engine (which is written in C). Just need to remember to lose that ending semicolon so that I don't get those foul traceback printouts. The total time spent on my project is ~240 hrs right now as thisone started out well before the announcement of the 4E4 contest, and the 'C' core code is almost done. I try to get atleast 1-2 hrs a day, but with a pregnant (and agressive) wife, a 2 year old daughter and 8 hrs of work each weekday, I'm lucky if I have time to sit down infront of the comp for 30 minutes..which reminds me - Shouldn't I be coding instead of posting messages?? Godspeed everyone
  5. SetMCGA

    Or Open Watcom (which is a far better choice then TurboC/C++ IMHO). Using DOS extenders, like DOS4GW or DOS/32A, is also a way to do this. working with DOS extenders is a whole lot easier then "pure" real-mode (16 bits only), where you have to worry about far and near pointers and stuff like that.
  6. Programs most used.

    Quicklaunch: Opera Total Commander Show Desktop UltraEdit-32 6 most used according to my XP start menu: FreeCell Command prompt Gimp UltraEdit-32 Total Commander Adobe Reader
  7. The quest for a game engine

    ^ Worst case of thread hi-jacking I've seen [smile] FAQ
  8. Good Linux C++ IDE?

    Eclipse and CDT
  9. What language are you beginners using these days?

    Quote:Original post by Fruny Unfortunately, C++ tutorials are generally more like hold-your-hand-and-lose-you-in-the-swamp. Amen! Quote:Original post by Roboguy For what OS? IDLE seems commonly used on Windows and Linux. Yeah.. But the question was 'Are there any good IDEs'. I suggest you take a look at SPE.
  10. Bigger project and folder structure

    I personally think that using separate folders for different "parts" of my project is the way to go, but I usually start of with all sourcefiles in the root folder, and then when I see that the project is going somewhere, I organize it. One thing that I always use is a separate output folder, so that my source dir doesn't get clobbered with compiler output (*.obj, *.err and stuff like that). I'm not using any IDE like DevCpp, Code::Blocks or MS Visual Studio, if you don't count make as an IDE, and I've noticed that keeping the sources in order helps me to keep the makefile more readable and easier to maintain. Separate folders for the final output both in release and debug-mode is also a nice option. But then again, it's just me... My "Downloads" folder is very structured too [smile] but that's another story.
  11. perlin noise

    Perlin Noise Great page
  12. Nasal, anyone

    Quote:Andy Ross tells me: The final argument to naCall is a hash containing the local namespace. So you can get the value of any symbols you set in there using a naHash_get() call on it. Beware, though, that holding onto naRef structures in the outer program can be dangerous -- you need to make sure that they are always "findable" by the garbage collector, or else they will be cleaned up from underneath you. There is a primitive naSave() API to do this, but the best way is to make sure that they are always referenced from another findable Nasal object. Works like a charm now :)
  13. Nasal, anyone

    Better clarify myself here.. If I've got a scriptfile like this (some sort of pseudo-nasal..[smile]): testFunc = func { x = arg[0]; for(x; x < 10; x++) { doSomethingInCCode(x); } } The doSomethingInCCode is a native C function declared like this: static naRef doSomethingInCCode(naContext c, naRef me, naRef args); /* and registered with the nasal (hehe.. still think it's funny) VM */ naHash_set(namespace, NASTR("doSomeThinsInCCode"), naNewFunc(ctx, naNewCCode(ctx, doSomeThingInCCode))); Is it possible to call the "testFunc" function in the script? I hope to get an answer from Andy Ross later.
  14. Nasal, anyone

    Quote:Original post by Ranger_One "I still haven't found out if it's possible to call separate functions in a scriptfile" Do you mean: Call script functions from the host application? Eehh.. Yeah.. Maybe.. English is not my 1st language, so I might have got it all wrong.. but I guess so..
  15. Nasal, anyone

    Hehe.. Bad name for a script language anyway.. If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about Click here! Anyone who has tried it?? If so, I've got a question since the documentation is pretty close to non-existant.. It's extremely easy to extend and embed, but I've skimmed through the sourcecode and read all the comments in it and I still haven't found out if it's possible to call separate functions in a scriptfile.. This might be related to lack of sleep for the moment, and the fact that I'm beginning to feal really, really frustrated.. Besides this setback it's perfect for my project as I'm searching for something that doesn't rely on dll;s (can't use them due to certain issues) or bloats my exe when linked to statically. Nasal adds about 35k to my exe, and I can live with that. I've mailed to the author about this, but it's been a few days and he hasn't answered yet, and I've tried google but searching for 'Nasal' there gives a few interesting hits..