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  1. DreamPowered

    Warcry: Extermination - Sci-Fi FPS with an oldschool twist!

    Hey ! The surprise will have to wait a bit, but I think it's worth it ! We have been working on different Pick Up and other stuff. So here is a screenshot for you. You can see ammo and health pick up and also another thing that I will not spoil you right now as it's quite interesting ! Have a nice day and see you next week !
  2. DreamPowered

    Warcry: Extermination - Sci-Fi FPS with an oldschool twist!

    Hey thank you Kingius ! If you have any suggestion let us know ! I’ve made some more screenshot for you as i’ve completed more room : A giant corridor in ruin, perfect to teach the player how to properly jump ! A simple corridor, because even a simple corridor needs love right ? (it's actually my wallpaper) I love thoses little statuette our artist made x) I have a surprise coming for you next week !
  3. Hello everyone,I am happy to introduce you the FPS project I am working on with 2 of my friends: Warcry: ExterminationWe have been working on it for a few years now, and decided to move to Unreal Engine about a year ago, to finalize our prototype.The game is an old school FPS, somewhere between quake and Serious Sam, unforgiving like Dark Souls and in Dungeon like environments, that will maybe remind you Skyrim a bit.As for any good FPS out there, the main focus is on combat, however, we haven’t neglected exploration, platforms, traps and puzzles neither! The levels can be explored freely, with many secret locations to discover.In Warcry: Extermination, you will also be able to upgrade your weapons and acquire new powers, such as Dash, Hologram or even Slow motion. I will tell you more about it later !And here is how it looks in Unreal Engine 4 : We should be able to show you more next week!
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