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  1.   About the OS: The operating system will be a dashboard for access to games, music, videos, the marketplace as well as friends. The system will be based on the Linux kernel for ease of porting existing games to the console however it will be a custom distro.   Processor Brief: Processor Speed: 3.6 GHz - 3.9 GHz Processor Cores: 4 Physical Cores L2 Cache: 4 MB   http://www.indiegameconsole.com/specs.php   Compeditive Feature: The OUYA is basically an Android board without it's most expensive component, the screen. Currently this console is capable of running Crysis 2 on high settings in 1080p allowing Indie developers to create more than simplistic 2d or minimalistic 3d games.   Controller Pictures: The consoller pictures will come after the console pictures. A short overview can be viewed here: http://www.indiegameconsole.com/controller.php   About the programming langauge: C++ is recommended as we are trying to support as meny linux libraries as possible. This will allow developers to continue working with the knowledge they already have instead of having to start from scratch learning a new scripting language.   SDK: Yes, a game creation tool (project name Solar) with a full GUI, scripting capabilities and a built-in 3d engine has already been planned and will allow developers to quickly create extensive 2d or 3d games with a small learning curve. (Similar to XNA for Xbox)
  2. Hello everyone!   I am part of the development team developing the Aurora Game Console. The purpose of the Aurora Game Console is to allow all developers access to an open marketplace while presenting the players with an indie gaming console with the power of a gaming PC. The current problem is that it is too expensive for small indie game companies to publish thier games for anything other than a computer or phone, which as time goes on is a greater and greater problem. Today more and more people are beginning to consider computers obsolite and only game on phones or consoles which only allow small indie developers to distribute their games to a portion of the total market.   Why am I posting in the lounge? I need help. Specifically support from the community. So what better place to start than the place where I learned the best practices for developing games. I need developers and publishers to show interest in having their game in the Aurora Marketplace. Pledge your game to be in the Aurora Marketplace and have your game visible on our website as well as in upcoming promotional videos while we are showing the marketplace. The goal is to promote an Indie Console at the same time as drawing attention to the uniqueness of the Indie game scene.   Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please consider enlisting your game in the Aurora marketplace to be available when the console is ready. Developers can always opt-out at any point and have no obligations by enlisting before the console is released.   A sincere thankyou: CoderWalker  
  3. coderWalker

    Embedding Wikipedia?

    I am displaying the page inside my program as opposed to in a seperate user agent, does that matter? (just making sure to cover all bases) Also would it be better to link somewhere else more creditable than Wikipedia? Opinions? neat
  4. coderWalker

    Embedding Wikipedia?

    I don't mean host my error messages there. An example: In the program on the "Error Info" tab it would list the error and where it occured. For the example we'll say a favicon not found error. On the Details tab it would have a BrowserObject that navigates automatically to the page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon. So my program would be finding the error, then displaying general information about the item that has the error in a browser object with the URI "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon"
  5. coderWalker

    Embedding Wikipedia?

    I have a program that scans a file for erorrs. Then if it finds them it lists out the errors. The only part that I am missing is something that explains the errors in detial to a user. This is a commercial program that I plan to sell in the US. Can I just navigate the WebBrowser object to a wikipedia page explaining the problem? Would that break any copyright laws? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have been working hard on a program and I want to sell it online. I am working on a website and will have it online soon. I also came up with a business name that I would like to sell the product under. I will register the domain after the business is mine (eg:business.net) I was going to just (c) a name and then put the product online and let people pay via paypal. However someone told me this would be illigal since it would be untaxed income. What do I need to do and in what order to get this rolling? I have looked online at meny pages and some specific to North carolinia, a large amount of pages I looked at contridict other pages so I'm looking for a clear answer. A few questions I have are as follows: Can I sell a product online under a name without registering anything? Do I have to register a name to use it? (eg:macrosoft) Is it illigal to sell products online under a name without registering a business? What steps do I need to do to start my business (legally) ? I'm a programmer that works hard to make comercial software to sell online and I think it's time I got a name and a website to put it on. Any help I get on this is appreciated. Thanks in advance, CoderWalker
  7. I'm looking for a way to check if trace is enabled on a server, does anyone know how to do this? Does a library have this functionality built in?
  8. Awesome feedback. I do tend to get carried away sometimes. I do want to require registration for more than 30 days. This program is a server penetration testing tool. So I am dealing with the "skilled" part of the market. So I really don't know how hard I should be on this. Here is a very similar program: http://www.mavitunasecurity.com/netsparker/ Is registration within the program a bad idea?
  9. I am working hard on a commercial application and am at the point I need to add registration keys and verificion methods. I have a few things in mind, however I would like feedback on the following topics and my solutions if possible. The best way to make the program hard to patch The best way to verify the key in program The best way to verify the key via internet The best way to deactivate products using blacklisted keys The best way to provide registration and updates. My proposed solutions are as follows So far what i was thinking was to check part of the key when registering, and then trigger a timer for about a minute and it check the remaining part of the key. Checking parts of the key at different times. After checking the key and it passes the key rearranged to the server and the server rearranges it back and compares it to a list. Require the program to have internet access when starting up and it submit its key as well as MAC address to the website and the website return an encryped pass/fail message. For Evaluation: Textboxes on a form with the terms and when submitted it adds entered data to the websites database and returns a temporary key (30 days). If they submitted garbage just blacklist their mac or force them to fill out the registration for again. For Purchased copies: Company name and registration key entry. Details in number 2. Current Registration Window: [attachment=9063:reg.PNG] I was thinking they could use the program alone to get a evaulation key, and have to use the website to purchase a key. Ideas on this? Also has anyone else seen a program have registrion embedded in it like this? All comments welcome. Thanks in advance, CoderWalker
  10. coderWalker

    Domain Scanner

    I wasn't sure which Business Category to post this under, so if it's in the wrong place feel free to move it. I am making a program that basically scans the HTML of multiple webpages and reports the problems. I am at the point now that the program works for every website that I test it on and I need others to run it on their domains and get input on it. This will be a commercial program and I need people to beta test it. What is the best way to get people to beta my program and still being able to sell it later without (c) issues or people stealing the idea? I plan to put up a website for a Business name I'm registering and having the program for sale on there. Any feedback is welcome. If you would like more information please let me know. Thanks, Coderwalker
  11. I have a program that scans source code for issues. Currently: Right now it outputs the information to a treegrid view, each main node being the problems name and each subnode being a source file. When the user clicks on a file a seperate tree view shows information on the file, the problem, and how to fix it. The only problem is when there are a large amount of problems it seems a little impractical to go through every node and expand each one and read the individual problems. Proposed: So I was thinking a better way to do it might possibly be a datagrid view. I was thinking having the following columns "Issue" "File Name" "Code Snipplet". This datagrid view would be connected to a dataset. The only problem I see with this is that I won't have all of the nice icons that I have now associated with the pages. Overall for my situation which would be the most practical and show the information the best? I basically am just asking for some opinions on this before modifying all of this code. Thanks in advance, CoderWalker
  12. I play piano and I believe that video games have some of the most unique and nice sounding music. So sometimes I make sheet music for Video games and play it on piano. I have lots of sheets that I have put togeather for music from video games. I would like to put up a website that has this collection of sheet music on it. All of the sheetmusic on the website would be either made by me or other gamers no offical sheet music (which they don't really make anyway). My question is, is there anything illigal about this. How much can I include on the website? I was thinking maybe each sheet would have the following: Picture from the game it's from Name of the game it's from Offical company/composer information as well as the arrangers name Songs name How much of that am I not allowed to use? Can I get around (c) laws somehow because it's fan made as opposed to offical? Can I use a games cover art somehow? Here is a very outdate song book I made for Super Mario 64: http://webstrand.comoj.com/sheetmusic.php Here are 2 older pages doing pretty much the same: http://www.gamemusicthemes.com/sheetmusic.html http://www.ninsheetm.us/sheetmusic.php?series=Kirby Oh! Most important! I will not put any of the sheetmusic on the site as myself. Basically it will be a Video Game Sheet music sharing site. Meaning that origonally there will be no sheetmusic on it, users will be responcible for uploading PDF's and filling in information and supplying the img url for cover art. The only thing stored on my website will be the actual fan made sheet music not the (c) images. I will also have a "Report Issue" or "File Complaint" button or something too. incase an origonal author or company does see something offical and want's it removed. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks CoderWalker
  13. Simple question, Is it possible to have a worker thread interrupt a main thread? Basically I want it to work as follows: User clicks button Worker thread spawns Main GUI keeps running (concurrently) Worker thread completes and uploads data to main thread Worker thread terminates Main GUI displays thread results I see this type of work done with a substancial amount of programs. What is the best way to pull this off? Thanks in advance, CoderWalker
  14. coderWalker

    C# .NET Mutex operations

    Would that create alot of overhead? I assume it has mutex objects in every call?
  15. coderWalker

    C# .NET Mutex operations

    The problem is the middleground contains basically a tree of data. When a thread is done making it's calculations it has to go threw the trees and add it's results in the proper places. If something new was added it adds that result and location to a queue. When the GUI thread checks for new data it checks the queue. So basically as of right now the function for adding the threads results and the function for checking for new results both access the same queue.
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