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  1. Flash networked web game

    i suggest haXe instead of AS directly
  2. Generate Lightmaps

    Does anyone know of any example code for generating lightmaps? Thanks!
  3. Generate Lightmaps

    Thx for the tips, but i'm still having problems. What's texture plane origin(p) supposed to be? And pu, pv from *5? The top plane looks fairly nice but for some reason it gets a bright line at the edges and the coordinates i get from *5 does not match the 2 planes, please help.
  4. Hi! I have been trying to generate static lightmaps for a while now but i find it quit hard. I'm trying to follow this article now : [url=""]Lightmaps[/url] if someone could help me with the steps explained in the tutorial i would be really thankful. [b]*1 Determine the primary axis plane based on the absolute value of the normal for this surface. [/b] - I guess i can just check wich axis is the largest? [b]*2 Get the min and max (2D vertices) along that plane. This means to use only the 2 relevant coordinate components for this particular plane. For example if you're using the XY plane, only x and y at the vertices count for this step.[/b] - I dont really know what this means. is min a vector at "0,0" corner and max "1,1" corner if the polygon would start at 0,0 and be 1 wide and high? [b]*Assign the UV vectors (ie, the normalized vectors pointing 'right' and 'down' respectively. You don't have to use 'right' and 'down', but it makes more sense to trace in those directions as you'll see in the loop below). [/b]- This i got working i think. [b]*3 Determine the texture plane origin (p) from the min. This, and the previous step can be done very simply by getting the 3D points based on your 2D (projected) min/max using the equation of the plane. You have only 1 unknown (the missing vertex component), so solving for it is trivial. [/b]- Texture plane origin? [b]*4 Determine the u and v lengths (max-min) [/b] - If i just had the min and max hmm? [b]*5 And finally, determine lightmap coordinates: (for each vertex) ltu=((pu - minu) / ulen) and ltv=((pv - minv) / vlen) where pu and pv are the x and y in PLANE space (not world space). [/b] - ?? Texture coordinates?? Thanks!
  5. We for some reason want the game to work on very low end old pc's so we'd like low cost lighting , static lightmaps. But i've a hard time finding good articles about it.please help us.
  6. Looking SlimDX game engine

    Hi , i dont know if this will help it's only for 2d graphics but at least it's a start. [url=""]Gorgon[/url]
  7. I dont think it is possible, did you check the error help? To correct this error Declare and implement at least one Sub New constructor somewhere in the derived class. Add a call to a base class constructor, MyBase.New(), as the first line of every Sub New. and if you google it you get pretty much the same answer. So i guess you have to declare a sub new in all derived classes.