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    I've made my own Unity

    Hi Game Developers! Let me introduce myself for a while: My name is Patryk Budzy?ski, but you can call me PsichiX - i'm young developer from Poland with more than 8 years experience in games and engines development. Back to main topic: i've made my own Unity for 2D games development (but i prefer to use it only for game prototyping now). It's called: "Ptakopysk", here you can get some more info about it: http://ptakopysk.psichix.com/. Now, many of you may ask me: "why you did it, if there are plenty of high quality engines such as Unity, Unreal or CryEngine?". Well, i always wanted to have a game development tool that will be as simple as possible to do not waste my time and stick strictly to prototyping new ideas instead of fighting with some other tools bugs or lack of documentation sometimes (and as probably everyone know: "if you've made something - you perfectly know how to use it properly"). Another sad story behind it's creation is that my old laptop is overhieating when i run Unity 3D, so.. For a long time i was making this tool only for me but now i see that someone may want to use it like me, just to bring new ideas into life much faster than usually. And it's Open Source so everyone may learn something about how this kind of engines works behind the scene Why i'm writing this? Because i hope that probably here is someone that may find it useful or even wants to participate in development - so this is my official annoucement of Ptakopysk - C++ game prototyping framework based on component system with an awesome IDE Thanks for reading, make games not wars - cheers! ^^
  2. PsichiX

    Alice on Schrooms!

    Title: Alice on Schrooms! Genre: Comic Arcade Description: Alice went into the forest to collect some mushrooms, to relax a little, but did not know that one or two mushrooms are not enough and must eat more and more not to lose consciousness, and to survive. Help her reach as far as possible and score as many points. GAME IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE, CURRENTLY ON BETA TESTING OF MAIN GAMEPLAY. Download: http://www.indiedb.c...ice-on-schrooms File size: 9.85 MB Authors: Programming: PsichiX Story: PsichiX Graphics: Tymoteusz Beczek Music: 'The Lonely Island','Ronan Hardiman'. Movies: [media][/media] Screenshots:
  3. First: Hello everyone, i'm PsichiX and i'm new here :) Second: i'm sorry if i should post in other place - please tell me where is the right place ;) Third: Since a ~3 years, in my free time, i'm working on game engine called XenoN Core. Release Candidate published a few month ago, on polish community. What is XenoN Core? Xenon Core is a complete engine for 2D and 3D games (at this moment focused on 2D), which contains six main modules: Photon: The module uses OpenGL library to rendering graphics, integrated with the physical module. Chaos: Module to simulate the physical world, based on a variety of substances and forces. Echo: Sound module that uses a free Audiere library to play nine popular audio formats. It supports standard and streaming playback. Ether: Network module that support sockets connections and having a ready functionality of HTTP protocol (other protocols in progress). Psyche: Artificial intelligence module based on Filtered Signal Neural Networks. TimeBridge: Virtual time control module, integrated with physics. Enables forward and backward simulations on the time axis. Still in progress Engine Website: http://xenon.psichix.com Check out this website to read news and main features, or download SDK. You can also see gallery and resources (at this moment commented in polish language, but i think that engine is simple so you can quickly understand examples). There is contact to me, if you try to make game on it, and you have a question for me. I need some feedback, tests, how you see to working on it, what feature you think to add, or what should be changed. English documentation and examples will be released before version 1.0. Some images (also i recommend a video on website): Some code snippet (Hello World): PROGRESS(GameProgress) { if( XE_IO::KeyboardGetPressed( XE_KEY_ESC ) ) Game.Exit(); Game.Camera.Update(); Game.Progress(); Game.Sprites( "sprite" )->Draw( Game.MouseGetPos( "main" ) ); XE_STRING str; str.Format( "Helo World!\nFPS: %f\nDeltaTime: %f", XE_EVENTS::Use().FPS, XE_EVENTS::Use().DeltaTime ); Game.Fonts( "font" )->Draw( str, XE_VECTOR( 10, 10 ) ); XeRenderScene( XE_FLAG_SWAP | XE_FLAG_COLORBUFF | XE_FLAG_TRANSFORMIDENT ); } SCENE(GameScene) { Game.Windows( "main" )->Width = 800; Game.Windows( "main" )->Height = 600; Game.WindowCentralize( "main" ); Game.Windows( "main" )->Update(); Game.OnWindowSetup( "main" ); Game.Vsync( true ); Game.ClearSceneColor( 0x00000000 ); Game.Camera.Width = (float)Game.Windows( "main" )->Width; Game.Camera.Height = (float)Game.Windows( "main" )->Height; Game.Sprites( "sprite" )->Prepare( "Resources/Textures/Sprite.xet" ); Game.Sprites( "sprite" )->Centralize(); Game.Fonts( "font" )->Prepare( "Resources/Fonts/Font.xet", "Resources/Fonts/Font.fnt" ); XE_EVENTS::Execute( GameProgress ); Game.Cleanup(); } [Edited by - PsichiX on November 22, 2010 1:33:49 AM]
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