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  1. audioslave is ok. after a while tho, kris cornells vocals get annoying. they would have been better off going with the lead singer from cypress hill instead
  2. microsoft is actually not that great of a stock, contrary to popular belief. a better option would be to invest in the blue chip mutual funds. and always remember the golden rule of buy low, sell high :)
  3. countries own their airspace, up to 50 miles
  4. it was not too bad. now if only john baker was apart of that group with ponch!
  5. you know, it would have been nice if the iraqi cameraman used a steady cam or a tripod on the execution filming.
  6. i play mspacman at work. and even tho its set to free and unlimited play, its still hard as fuck to beat, i can only get to the 4th set of levels after the second cut scene
  7. maybe the irs wants a peice of the gold farming pie in world of warcraft?
  8. wierd al's cover of chamillionaire, is pretty hilarious. white and nerdy
  9. the age of empires game for ds is turnbased, its pretty fun. advanced wars gets damn hard and frustrating at times. the mario kart game is probably the best one yet i think. you can play a ton of characters and cars, and theirs lots of tracks to unlock as well. that new FF3 remake looks to be the rpg to get when it comes out. also the new super mario bros game is excellent
  10. i like the guppy, and super guppy transporters. those planes can haul alot
  11. um mel brooks had nothing to do with scary movie 3, it was the guys that produced airplane 1 and 2 and hot shots. and yea i get to hate reading about all the stupid crap in the lounge that has nothing to do with game development what so ever. i mean how long can thise noahs ark thread possibly get? and yet another, how can i travel abroad with 40 bucks and the clothes i wear thread.
  12. has icons ever done a show on john carmack yet? i never thought xplay was all that good. adam is a good host but morgan is not a good sidekick, here voice is kinda annoying. i think the show electric playground was alot better than x-play. and yes attack of the show is dumb. i mean when you have to comment about olivia's body parts, thats just low. and cheats, god that host just needs to pose in playboy or something.
  13. texas toast is really just a name for the bread. its generally thicker then your normal sandwich cut. many brands have their version of texas toast
  14. phonebooth was pretty decent, alexander was rather boring tho. is his pokahontas movie any good?
  15. well i can see why nbc might think its gonna be a flop. if you watched any of the trailers theirs not much that even says this is a miami vice sequel other then maybe a couple pastel t-shirts that they wear. i think it looks more like bad boys 3