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  1. NukedPenguin

    combination of RTS and TPP

    It sounds rather ambitious, and I have actually envisioned this type of gameplay before. My idea was actually to have an MMORTS that is a persistent world where as a new player you start as a basic unit of your chosen faction, basically a worker or basic fighter, but then grow up into more units and control buildings working in alliances with other players to challenge other alliances who are in a more resource rich sector. I know thats kinda vague but I don't wanna be too descriptive because I want to address your idea. Your idea is not bad, but I think it would be a challenge to perform actions from both scales simultaneously. Let's say you have 15 swordsmen and a couple magicians, you ordered them to engage a nearby army, then you scale down to control one of the swordsmen, what advantage would you have of controlling this 1 swordsman over having full vision and control over your entire army? Would have to be split screen I think to be useful so you can see whats going on on a macro scale at the same time.
  2. Fellow forumers, the goal of this thread is to plan the aspects of what I call a turn based puzzle strategy game in space, of course that's not the name, but in simple terms that is what my aim for the concept is. Any person who is interested in helping with this concept is welcome. As a graphic artist and animator I like to conceptualize the content before delving into the actual production of artwork and animations. I'm not going to be doing the coding of this game but I'll try to recruit that help later after I'm done creating all the artwork and animations. I have a rough idea of the game mechanics but I'm not exactly sure about the number of objects, or type of interactions. Overview of the game: -2d Single player, turn based, tile based, combine tiles, produce structures and units, eliminate opposing A.i. players -Features several factions of aliens (Siphox, Gearoids, Cryogens, and Plasmins) -Each faction will have a starting structure and produce different units and buildings by combining tiles nearby preferring certain resource types -Five different resource types (Regolith, Metal, Crystal, Vapor, Plasma) Factions Summary: -Siphox: Biological colonial species, consumes it's environment by secreting slime and flicking tendrils. Resource preference: Regolith, Vapor -Gearoids: Mechanical modular robots, sub units working together to grind and refine materials and create more modules that perform different functions. Resource preference: Metal, Crystal -Cryogens: Ancient imperialists, achieved longevity through cryogenic stasis, freezes resources to shatter them into a more usable form, masters of weaponry. Resource preference: Metal, Vapor -Plasmins: Energetic entities, traveled from stars to explore new areas to nurse their young, which require cooler planetary plasma, able to rearrange atoms from a subatomic scale, thereby vaporizing matter converting to energy. Resource preference: Crystal, Plasma So far that's where I'm at. I'm giving creative freedom to my fellow forumers, in other words I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to add anything or even suggest a change or removal of something I said. Perhaps you think I should have less factions, or resource types, perhaps even more. Have an idea for structure or units for the factions, I'm all ears! I'll continue working and update this thread of any future ideas I've come up with and having a second opinion on this would really help me, and I may start the artwork and animations sooner rather than later depending on how well my idea is received. Thank you for reading and looking forward to responses.
  3. Nearly every object in the game could be manipulated by a characters hands Examples A piece of a branch (it can be bent or snapped) A rock (can be thrown or smacked up againt another rock) A magic stone (can be rubbed on a surface to make spells) Dirt on the ground (can be picked up in handfuls) I am not really sure how a player could manipulate their characters hands to do what they want to an object, does anyone have an idea for how it could work using a mouse and keyboard? Players would be able to chat with other players by microphone, the sound would muffle and get quieter if you are further away from the origin of the speaker. A speak to text engine could also be put in the game so players could simply read chat if they dont want to hear it. Players would have the freedom to do anything they want in the game. Everything is run by players, accompanied by creatures magical and non controled by AI. Your character would have basic stats measuring strength as a 3d xray image isolating the size of your characters muscles. This same functionality could also be used to show wounds, curses, or infections on your characters body. When you logout of the game your character becomes a statue and nothing can harm you. Only problem with that, people could potentially set up hazards near you to harm you when you log back on. That in turn would urge you to only log out in safe areas. Differently colored magic stones could be mined in special areas and be rubbed on objects to cast spells. Different symbols in different colors in certain sequences could trigger specific reactions in a spell. The creator of the game would have to design premade symbols and reactions. Examples a blue circle could be drawn and a hemisphere of water could well up and disperse several seconds later drawing imediately ontop of another symbol combines two spell reactions together- like drawing a teal circle over the blue circle would create a frozen hemisphere of water you could draw a picture of a wireframe of a pillar in red to create a pillar of fire I'm interested in hearing what other ideas for spells people have. Thank you.
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