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  1. I like the style and the concept! One suggestion would be to make it so that you can see more of the screen at once. Given how little is visible in the video, it seems like it would be really difficult to react to, say, an enemy appearing from one side of the screen.
  2. Really makes me wish I had a smart phone
  3. Quick update to say that this game is finally done! Get it (for Windows and Linux) at [url="http://avsn.sourceforge.net/"]http://avsn.sourceforge.net/[/url] Screenshot of v1.1: [img]http://avsn.sourceforge.net/releases/images/avoision-v1.1-released/avoision11.jpg[/img]
  4. The graphics kind of blew me away. You guys have really only been working on this for six months? Great work! The only negative is that this game makes my own in-development 2D shooter look terrible
  5. [quote name='Manabreak' timestamp='1331556483' post='4921313'] What do you guys think? Does this look like a game you would like to play? [/quote] Yes
  6. Wow, these are great (and exactly the kind of retro music I was looking for)! Nice work. Also kudos for stating up from that you're not using unlicensed samples. Is there a specific license (or licenses) you are releasing these under? I read through the FAQ and I believe I understand your intent, but this particular clause is a little unclear to me: [quote]Songs may not be redistributed or sold[/quote] I'm assuming this means that the songs may not be redistributed/re-released by themselves, but it could also mean that they cannot be redistributed as part of a game. Thanks again for your hard work!
  7. This looks good (haven't played it yet--see why below). I have two questions: 1) Is this a remake of a game that you made back in 1998? 2) Is there a direct download link? I only see a link to Paypal on that site...
  8. Update: Version 0.3 (with a new gameplay mode, special effects, retro music and sound effects, and improved graphics) is now available: Download FBG2 v0.3 for Windows Download FBG2 v0.3 source code for compiling on Linux [Edited by - Deraj on December 26, 2010 10:32:12 PM]
  9. Avoision v0.6 is now available from http://avsn.sourceforge.net/ For this version, I have completely re-done the scoring system in order to reward speed (with a secondary goal of increasing recklessness--just because it's more fun). There is also an "Extreme" difficulty level that adds enemies that don't just move along a single axis. Download Avoision v0.6 for Windows Download Avoision v0.6 source code for other platforms Let me know what you think! Since I didn't originally include a screenshot, here's a screenshot of me losing on Extreme:
  10. This is a re-write of a project that I worked on 8 years ago (my first game) and it's far enough along that I wanted to share it and solicit feedback. Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish with this game is a remake of a certain popular game from the 80s. My top priority is making a version that plays and feels like the classic it imitates (not following the latest "guidelines") so that I don't need to use an emulator/ROM anymore. Timing and scoring need to be identical so that I can compare scores between the two implementations. I know this is a tired concept, but I selfishly want to make a version that works exactly how I want :) If anyone has feedback on the following (or anything else), I'd like to hear it. 1) Does this play like the original? 2) If I was going to implement a one-handed mouse control scheme, what do you think would make the most sense? 3) If I'm going to add additional game modes beyond "survival/A-type" and "cleanup/B-type" what do you suggest? I was thinking of a time-limited mode and perhaps a "clear this entire picture" mode. Web site: http://fbg.sourceforge.net/ Direct download: Download FBG2 v0.3 for Windows Note that this is the first release, so a few things aren't yet implemented, namely: "cleanup/B-type" mode, in-game music and sound effects, and special effects/animations. If you run into trouble, let me know. Screenshot: Thanks! [Edited by - Deraj on December 26, 2010 10:47:12 PM]
  11. Thanks for taking the time to write down your thoughts, I really appreciate it! As far as the direction I'd like to take with the art, I do plan on sticking with a retro/8-bit style because I think it matches the game's simplicity well (simple gameplay, simple graphics, 8-bit sounds, chiptune music). Of course, that's not to say that perhaps some more "special effects" aren't in order. Your gameplay suggestions are great! I especially like #1 (the idea of adding some probably large obstacles) to make things a little more challenging. #4 was such a good idea, that it's already implemented on the "hard" difficulty :)
  12. I'm looking for feedback/ideas for a free game I've been working on. Avoision is a very simple arcade game with 8-bit-inspired graphics, sound, and music; available for Windows and Linux. The object of the game is to move the green square and capture the red square before time runs out while avoiding white squares. Web site: http://avsn.sourceforge.net/ Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ug2umbjQ_4 This game is intended to be a simple, but fun casual game and it won't appeal to everyone (there's no plot, characters, etc. :). What I'd be most interested in hearing about is ideas for making the game look more "polished" and perhaps for pointers on how to make the gameplay more rewarding. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them! Thanks! Ideas that have been floating around in my head: 1) Decrease the number of points you get exponentially (instead of linearly) to encourage more risk-taking 2) And an "extreme" level of difficulty (I'm open to suggestions on what that would mean :) Without further ado: Download Avoision for Windows Download source code for compiling on Linux (One last note, if you run into problems with the game, please let me know so that I can find and fix bugs)