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  1. The biggest problem would be the engine, you cannot think of all that you need from it until you have the final game. Not a programmer myself but it would be pretty difficult to upgrade the engine with DLCs. You can release it in development stages, where the players would need to redownload the game at certain points as some features cannot be just patched in. But yeah it would be possible but you need someone who always has the grand scope of the game in mind so none of your DLCs make old content obsolete.
  2. [quote name='Zoner' timestamp='1295680118' post='4762865'] Well on Monday we tell everyone that whatever they are doing is awesome. Then on Tuesday we tell everyone that whatever they just did isn't good enough and it sucks. On Wednesday eat cake. On Thursday we all think that the schedule is impossible and stress over it. On Friday we get our stuff done, check it in so the build breaks friday evening and go home before we get the email from the build machines that we all just broke the build. So I would say that the answer is that employees play the role of headless chickens. [/quote] This is right we have a publisher that has the habit of asking for builds randomly, and that is usually when nothing works, so we struggle all through the night to get alteast a part working and tell them that we are doing some major changes to the system and that is why stuff is not working. BTW google mike the headless chicken, we call everybody from our team mike.
  3. Hello, Is there any game design school with only courses that offer services to Romania. Does not matter if they are from EU or US. I already have experience as a Game Designer, as this is my current occupation published a title, half way done with the second one. I want to take these courses to improve my skills and also have some think to put on my resume next to the experience.