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    Making money?

    Some people will sell raw assets (sounds, sprite art, 3D models, textures).  Others will sell plugins or development tools that can be used (Unity, etc).  
  2. daydalus

    How to get lo-fi tones and sounds?

    Have you checked this tool out: http://www.bfxr.net/ Pretty useful for making lo-fi sounds, including effects like Bit Crush
  3. daydalus

    Porting plan

    Check out this blog written by Ben Kane - http://benkane.wordpress.com/tag/the-great-porting-adventure/ He was in the same situation as you - wanted to port an XNA 4.0 game to iOS. The blog goes through the various steps he took to port his XNA Game (DLC Quest) to iOS. Should get you started -
  4. This actually sounds a lot like Dwarf Fortress. Incredibly complex, represented with ASCII characters, only for the hardcore. Good luck with it ;)
  5. daydalus


    You may want to check out the game Gish, by Edmund McMillen. Apparently it's now open source: http://crypticsea.blogspot.com/2010/05/gish-open-source.html
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