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  1. daydalus

    Making money?

    Some people will sell raw assets (sounds, sprite art, 3D models, textures).  Others will sell plugins or development tools that can be used (Unity, etc).  
  2. daydalus

    How to get lo-fi tones and sounds?

    Have you checked this tool out: http://www.bfxr.net/ Pretty useful for making lo-fi sounds, including effects like Bit Crush
  3. daydalus

    Porting plan

    Check out this blog written by Ben Kane - http://benkane.wordpress.com/tag/the-great-porting-adventure/ He was in the same situation as you - wanted to port an XNA 4.0 game to iOS. The blog goes through the various steps he took to port his XNA Game (DLC Quest) to iOS. Should get you started -
  4. This actually sounds a lot like Dwarf Fortress. Incredibly complex, represented with ASCII characters, only for the hardcore. Good luck with it ;)
  5. daydalus


    You may want to check out the game Gish, by Edmund McMillen. Apparently it's now open source: http://crypticsea.blogspot.com/2010/05/gish-open-source.html
  6. daydalus

    Deciding on a Game Engine

    I think a lot of purists will tell you that you need to learn the low level stuff first. No, you don't. The great thing about High level languages is you don't need to know the low level stuff. You can treat the graphics pipeline like a black box and focus on building your game. The worst thing that can happen is you get frustrated trying to do something simple like draw a polygon on the screen and you never get around to building the actual game. Try out something like PyGame or XNA or even Flash - you don't need to worry about rendering the low level stuff, and the game loops are baked in. Plus there are plenty of tutorials out there.
  7. daydalus

    [SOLVED]How to not close command window? C#

    You can also use Control-F5 to Run instead of F5 to Debug. It will leave the Console Window open after the program completes.
  8. daydalus

    Looking for procedural game design

    Some pretty good articles here: http://pcg.wikidot.com/
  9. daydalus

    Free Game Music for developers!

    Thanks so much, this is really awesome!
  10. daydalus

    Sound manager - By the book

    One reason to abstract your sounds into their own class (or at least play them through an interface) is so you can have Options to disable or change volume of Sound Effects. It's fine if each entity "owns" its own sound effect asset (rather than having a central library of sounds), however, it may be more coding work if you want to rip out / replace sound effects down the road
  11. Does Lumi have curved surfaces? I think it's tile based with really well-done art. Basically, if its not tile based, then you can go with Vector based: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2656943/2d-platformer-collision-problems-with-both-axes
  12. If you are using XNA, you can always use the Curve class. You can use this to "normalize" the curve to your x and y coordinates Iterate through the Sin or Cos function to specify your CurveKeys. Or you could oscillate your velocity to positive and negative values, then put a clamp on it so you don't go faster than a set speed. I can post some code if you still need ideas -
  13. One way to do it is create an GameInput class that abstracts what the player presses on the controller into useful DataTypes. You can have two data types - PrevGameState and CurGameState. In each game loop, set PrevGameState = CurGameState, then update the CurGameState. You can have a class called Button that has a few properties (Pressed, NewPress), which are determined using some logic and CurGameState and PrevGameState.
  14. daydalus

    Alpha value isn't affecting transparency

    In XNA 4.0 they changed the way the default SpriteBatch does alpha blending. It now uses Premultiplied alpha, which means you also have to change the RGB values to get "fade" effects. More explanation here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/shawnhar/archive/2010/04/08/premultiplied-alpha-in-xna-game-studio-4-0.aspx
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