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    [HLSL/Direct3D] Drawing a texture quad

    Really? Thanks for the info! Although, I already tried to find examples on how to do that and I was not able to found any. Is there any guidance that you can give me? Thanks again!
  2. kazenofairy

    [HLSL/Direct3D] Drawing a texture quad

    Thanks for your quick reply. Isn't doing that too costly? Isn't there other way of doing so?
  3. Hello, I've been using these forums as help for a while, but this is actually the first time I will be posting. Maybe I am very bad at searching but I've been unable to find anything about this. I am pretty new to DirectX and HLSL. I want to do page flipping animation using textures and HLSL shaders. I know it is far easier using ID3DXSprite but I don't want to do it that way as I already have everything set the other way. What I actually want to know is... how do you tell the HLSL shader that you want to draw just a portion of the texture? I know that changing the Tu and Tv elements of the VertexBuffer can help you achieve that but I don't really know/think it is a good idea to keep locking, changing and unlocking the vertex buffer each time I draw a game object. Does anyone know a way to do this right? Maybe setting some values in the vertex or pixel shader? Hope I explained myself. Thanks in advance.
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