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    Mouse and Titles in 2.5D world

    Thank You for reply, could You get little more into this idea? And yes I would like to have 3-4 layers of titles.
  2. Hi, I am wokring on 2.5D game - I don't want to achieve a lot, just working map system and animations, this will satisfy me. I am using SFML.   So I started today and I downloaded some free isometric title sets.   My sample title looks like that:     Actual size of title is 54x27   Its 54x54 PNG. So i loaded it, created mask for it so background will be transparent and I started playing with layout, trying to figure out how to connect next titles - acomplished that.   My problem is that I can't get mouse to identify each title because I can't find better way than checking if mouse coordinates are inside range. For example I place that image at 0.0, using mask and then checking if mouse's x is > 0 and < 54 and mouse's y > 27 and < 40. And because of this method code goes all crazy because it thinks that for example lower left corner is also a part of actual title.   Can somebody tell me proper way to identify titles in isometric world?
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