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    Amusing glitch gallery

    My last glitch i had in game i recently made was with the scrolling credits.   I put the text position in integers and the math used to update it was in float. So when the delta was calculated it was less then 1. It just sat in the same place until the frame rate dropped enough. (never)   Changing the position to float made it silky smooth.
  2. EndersGames

    Your first game idea - What happened to it?

    My first game i ever made was for a Book Report of ... cant remember the name anymore ... What was the idea. My first game i ever made was for a Book Report of ... cant remember the name anymore ... Anyways! It was made in QBasic and used a lot blit for bitmaps. It was a maze game that had 4 screens. You were tasked to go look for an item. Took me a few weeks to make as I was just learning programming. This was what? Year 2000? How far did you get with it. I completed it and got an A+ How did that game idea evolve as it transitioned into reality or fell short of being completed. Interesting thing I did in college was I took the same game code and translated it into MS-Assembly. It was the same damn game! Even Screen 13 was the same lol. What lessons did you learn on the way. Nothing comes for free. You have to program everything. What would the game be, if you revisited the original idea now and built the game with your current ability/knowledge. If i was to remake that game. I would remake it as a user buildable dungeon. Then they can connect with other people to share their creations. hmm...not a bad idea. Hold on a sec while I sqribble that down. (Checks Google, oh looks like everybody else had that idea too) My next game was when i was when i started college. I grabbed my notes from my highschool physics class and made a sun and two planets in VisualBasic. Plugged in a timer, and gravity code. One planet would shoot at another planet. Then it was WAR! Gotta watch out for that sun, it got in the way. Darn gravity. I am actually taking that concept and redoing it for tablets. Turns out it is a great way to play the game. Check out the engine oh. I thought of this before Angry Birds. It was 2003 at the time. I only now have the super knowhow to make it work and have a lot of fun stuff for it.
  3. I hope to be able to handle 100 players. After reading your post, I did as much research I can find about "One Thread per Client", and yes, I too also believe it will not fit the scale I have in mind. I also found some info about the Java NIO API. Looks like I will be racking my brain in figuring out how to do Network code again. It seems way more complicated to do it all in a single thread. Multiple threads just made it so easy. (Wait for input, process, send to client) Well, back to the drawing board. Thank you! I always wanted to make something like this. This will be my first attempt at making an MMO. So I will have a lot of learning to do. I completely understand that. Little easter eggs are better then taking quests completely from older games. Now this is exactly what I am looking for! I can use these formula as bases to create my own. They will come in handy Thanks for the feedback guys. I will post updates when I am done with my next milestone.
  4. Hi all. Been working the last couple of weeks on an MORPG with 8Bit Graphics. In no way is it easy to program heh. I am programming it in Java and plan to release the client in Android. I feel that Android will give me a better player awareness also it will allow me to make the game free with paid content using the Android Market In App Billing API. Currently I am writing the base Client software in Desktop java for quicker development. The Client/Server structure is setup so that each Client will have their own thread. I do not have the "Game" part of the MORPG fully mapped out. But my general desire is to make it humorous. I plan on referencing older RPGs in a joking fashion. My current Game Design goals are: 2 zones (maps) of 64x64 size. 2 zones of 128x128 size. Several Starting quests. 4 Classes with Genders. Class names are as follows. Tank - (The damage taker and high damage dealer)Caster - (Nukes, spells, and support)Healer - (Player Support. healing, reviving, and curing)Rascal - (Fast attacking, stealthy skills)I plan on having Paid classes that will combine abilities of the base classes with unique abilities The game will be in 8-bit fashion. Graphics will liken to the days of Dragon Warrior on the NES. I am currently using DW graphics as Programmer art. I will replace with my own. The logic code is mostly done on server side. The player requests an update on the current zone, and the Server will send the zone information. (Current entity positions) The player will send to the server where they want to go in a zone. (/mov 0 0) via mouse click on a tile. The server will attempt to find a path to that point, and increment the player movements in the Game Loop on the server. Chat is done via zone as well. It will only send the message to the players in the same zone. most of the coding i am doing right now is the network code to make sure everything is working. I am also looking to get feedback, ideas, and criticisms. (If you criticize, please follow with ideas on making it better ) Below is a screen shot of my current progress. Thank you
  5. EndersGames

    Beginning Android Programming

    I too second libgdx. been using that for months and got some nice results. Games with hundreds of draw calls run great on devices with gpus. Also libgdx can make desktop versions as well. You will lose all ability to use the android specifc ui programming though. That can be fixed with message calls to the main app activity. I have only just recently began using the actual android ui without libgdx to make a point of sale app. It is pretty easy to get into. There are tutorials out there to help you learn android, but they assume you know java. So start with learning java. Begins with the basics of adding 2+2 and printing it in a console. (Don't say you don't need to know how to do that, we have all first needed to know how to add things together) The basics will also teach you how to make other classes and defining objects for them. Get familar with data types (int, float, String), operators (+, -, <, ==), and declaring new objects. Make a simple program to calculate the amount to give a tip to your waiter to get your problem solving brain working. And don't stop there. Programming is a time investment, the more you put into it, the more experience you will become.
  6. EndersGames

    Alpha Video of Project SM3, A Java Android RPG

    I know that elemental magic has been overdone. But the other spells i have in mind are a little more unique. Tell me what you think is wrong with the mountains? thank you for the feedback
  7. EndersGames

    Alpha Video of Project SM3, A Java Android RPG

    Here are some latest development pictures of Project SM3. These ones are to focus on the Magic System. I have added 3 spells so far. Fire, Ice, Shock. Icons for the current spell are in the circle to the left of the health and mana bars. The second picture details the quick select spell book. You get there by clicking on the larger icon. The last picture shows the spell book menu. It details each spell.
  8. EndersGames

    A Newbie, A Vision, No budget.

    I first got my programming fix with rpg maker. I see no problem of using it to make a game. The reason is that it teaches the user the amount of work needed to make a complete game. If somebody can constantly use the rpg maker event language to make interesting things happen, that is almost like computer programmming there. I remember going from rpg maker 95 to rm2k. Rm2k had variables that you could set to several different things and compare to several different things. That is programming right there. It took me a while to fully comprehend it all. I was just entering highschool at the time . It did not take much longer for me to really want to program after using the rm2k event scripts. I got into using qbasic and made some silly tile based maze game. Awesomest game I ever made with not knowing everything I was doing The point I am trying to say is, use the tool to learn. It helps when you have that knowledge of the tool to create a tool of your own.
  9. EndersGames

    Silentcraft Hill ( 2D light tech-demo )

    Shadows could be just as easy. You would just do a reverse of what you did already. but when a monster or other game element is in the cast of light, you just have shadow version of the cast going in the opposite direction of where the point of light is at. So when you move, the shadow's direction moves as well. like the overhead light. if the player is on the right of the of the overhead light. He would cast a shadow to the right. if the player is under the light, his shadow would cast below him and the same for being on the left. All you need to do is check if game element is inside the lighted section. the whole concept is pretty cool i think.
  10. EndersGames

    Silentcraft Hill ( 2D light tech-demo )

    yay i got it right. That is how i would have done it too
  11. Hi. Yes, only drawing what you need on screen is the best approach IMO. And for zooming. I would think about different tiles for when zoomed out to the max. You really won't see any detail at that resolution. Mostly at that amount of zoom, it is just for a quick overview of the battlefield/map/game board/ect... When you think about it 300 textures wide. The best tablets for android has a width of 800 to 1028 pixels. So you are looking at best: 3 pixel a tile. Perhaps what you can do instead is make a texture during map generation ingame that is the map. So when players want to zoom out, you just draw the one map image. Just a thought. Hope it works... Hmmm... Now that I think about it, I should use that for my ARPG game.
  12. EndersGames

    Alpha Video of Project SM3, A Java Android RPG

    Hi. Thanks for they reply. To answer your question. I mentioned it in my second paragraph. It is just placeholder buttons from our last game. They are just there for functionality so I can get things together. I have been holding off drawing new isometric d-pad buttons until I absolutly need them. But yes, I will be putting them into the corner like you had them. That is in our design plans. I know that plenty of adventure rpgs use click to move, but we reserved our clicks for ranged weapons. Hope that clears things up
  13. Hi! How is everybody doing here. I have been hard at work on our current project. Been working on making a action RPG using isometric graphics. It has been a lot of fun! Right now I just have a town and the first dungeon type with only one monster. But it is getting there. Below are pictures on the original game engine with some concept shots thrown in. The control graphics are just placeholders from our last game, Sigmore Mines 2 (SM2) Even more below is a lastest Alpha version of the game. It is definitely not polished enough yet to my liking. But it is getting close. I have a basic projectile support in the game. So the fireball you see are just a projectile for now, not magic. You can follow our game development at our website forum and our facebook page. [media][/media]
  14. EndersGames


    hi! I develop for android too. Anddev is okay but kind of not really tailered to game development. And gamedev works okay too in the java and mobile sections. You can also try android snippets to get those nice little code sections to work with. With an onUpdate method. I dont think there is one available. But that doesn't mean you can make your own. Most draw methods are running in a loops, so when the draw method is called you can call the onUpdate mehod too. That is how i do it in my games. I call an update method from the GL render thread.
  15. Well, i am not sure about that calculation, but here is how I do it in my game. to draw the tiles on screen, my tiles are 64x64 // TileX and TileY are the array locations of the tiles. // TileWidth is set to 64 pixels wide. // TIleHeight is set to 32 pixels high. // The graphic tiles are 64x64 // ScreenX and ScreenY is the location to draw the tile. // OffsetX and OffsetY offset the drawn tiles to center the display. ScreenX = OffsetX + TileY*TileWidth/2 + TileX*TIleWidth/2; ScreenY = OffsetY - TileX*TIleHeight/2 + TileY*TileHeight/2; going from mouse position to iso position was a little difficult to do. But I implemented a quick and dirty way of getting good results. // TileX and TileY are the array locations of the tiles. // TileWidth is set to 64 pixels wide. // TIleHeight is set to 32 pixels high. // The graphic tiles are 64x64 // In my game, i adjusted the mouse location so it will detect the correct tile that is under the mouse. MouseX = Mouse.getX()+16; MouseY = Mouse.getY()-40; // get the Offsets to calculate the correct tile. OffsetX = dungeonView.getViewDeltaX(); OffsetY = dungeonView.getViewDeltaY(); // use reverse math to get the grid of every other tile. MapX = (int) (MouseX/TileWidth - OffsetX/TileWidth - MouseY/TIleHeight + OffsetY/TIleHeight); MapY = (int) (MouseX/TileWidth - OffsetY/TileWidth - OffsetY/TIleHeight + MouseY/TIleHeight); // get screen locations of that tile. ScreenX2 = OffsetX + MapY*TileWidth/2 + MapX*TIleWidth/2; ScreenY2 = OffsetY - MapX*TIleHeight/2 + MapY*TileHeight/2; // This check here will give a quick and dirty check to see what part of the mouse is in the tile. // If it is in the first or last quarter of the x axis, it will check to see what the adjacent tiles are and change accordingly. if((MouseX-ScreenX2)<TileWidth/4+16){ if((MouseY-ScreenY2)<TileHeight/4*3-40){ MapY = MapY - 1; }else{ MapX = MapX - 1; } }else if((MouseX-ScreenX2)>TileWidth/4*3+16) { if((MouseY-ScreenY2)<TileHeight/4*3-40){ MapX = MapX + 1; }else{ MapY = MapY + 1; } } And these are the results of my game. My game is being programmed in Java for Android using libGdx at the graphics library.
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