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    Amusing glitch gallery

    My last glitch i had in game i recently made was with the scrolling credits.   I put the text position in integers and the math used to update it was in float. So when the delta was calculated it was less then 1. It just sat in the same place until the frame rate dropped enough. (never)   Changing the position to float made it silky smooth.
  2. EndersGames

    Your first game idea - What happened to it?

    My first game i ever made was for a Book Report of ... cant remember the name anymore ... What was the idea. My first game i ever made was for a Book Report of ... cant remember the name anymore ... Anyways! It was made in QBasic and used a lot blit for bitmaps. It was a maze game that had 4 screens. You were tasked to go look for an item. Took me a few weeks to make as I was just learning programming. This was what? Year 2000? How far did you get with it. I completed it and got an A+ How did that game idea evolve as it transitioned into reality or fell short of being completed. Interesting thing I did in college was I took the same game code and translated it into MS-Assembly. It was the same damn game! Even Screen 13 was the same lol. What lessons did you learn on the way. Nothing comes for free. You have to program everything. What would the game be, if you revisited the original idea now and built the game with your current ability/knowledge. If i was to remake that game. I would remake it as a user buildable dungeon. Then they can connect with other people to share their creations. hmm...not a bad idea. Hold on a sec while I sqribble that down. (Checks Google, oh looks like everybody else had that idea too) My next game was when i was when i started college. I grabbed my notes from my highschool physics class and made a sun and two planets in VisualBasic. Plugged in a timer, and gravity code. One planet would shoot at another planet. Then it was WAR! Gotta watch out for that sun, it got in the way. Darn gravity. I am actually taking that concept and redoing it for tablets. Turns out it is a great way to play the game. Check out the engine oh. I thought of this before Angry Birds. It was 2003 at the time. I only now have the super knowhow to make it work and have a lot of fun stuff for it.
  3. EndersGames

    Indie by Default - Part I

    That was a nice read. Thank you. I have always known that the game programming industry is tough as nails to enter and keep a job. Mostly I have been programming games as a hobby. Small, little, insignificant games that can not compete with big box games. That was until the android and ios platform came out. I like to make games for android and i find that even though it is completive as well, way easier to get into that market. I am soon looking forward to put my first paid app on the android market. I do not have any illusions of high pay. But it if helps pay for my gas for the week. I am happy. Again, thanks for the read. Looking forward to part 2.
  4. EndersGames

    Deadly Dungeons Beta

    Wow that is cool. First impression is, Eye of the Beholder Clone. I love that game by that way. :) I love to give it a try on beta. Send me a message with the beta info. I have a samsung intercept to test with.
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