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  1. Any good recommendations book for complete system engineering for game design? I need the complete example of the system analysis and design phase (ex:UML) So far, I found this book only: Software Engineering for Game Developers [With CDROM] by John P. Flynt, Omar Salem however its been sold out in amazon and Im looking for its CD-Rom which contains the UML data for a game. Anyway, looking that its been published in 2004, is there any newer books in the same area that give depth system engineering explanation and example in game design? Many Thanks
  2. Hello, I wonder how to do an effect for character attack in 3d games, what I mean is something like effect that following character hands/foots when the character do an attack. I suppose this is generated in runtime right? Is it using a plane (with texture and alpha map) following character hands and rendered only in attack time? what is the effective method to do such an effect?
  3. not necessarily in the exact hand location, it like a "trace effect" when we attack.. such as there is a trace (violet one) whenever the sword swinging, how do they do that commonly?
  4. GIF maybe, you can use this library or you may manually create a sprite for it to works. save it per frame and combine it. I heard of GlueIt though it may even possible to do direct export from flash to xna try googling "swf export for xna"
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