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  1. Console Error in Eclipse

    Anyone know why I might be getting this in the Eclipse console when I try to run something? It looks like Eclipse's run configuration might be a little wonky, but I've only been playing with Java and Eclipse for about a month, so I haven't the slightest clue where to begin. [quote][color=#ff0000]Usage: javaw [-options] class [args...][/color] [color=#ff0000] (to execute a class)[/color] [color=#ff0000] or javaw [-options] -jar jarfile [args...][/color] [color=#ff0000] (to execute a jar file)[/color] [color=#ff0000]where options include:[/color] [color=#ff0000] -d32 use a 32-bit data model if available[/color] [color=#ff0000] -d64 use a 64-bit data model if available[/color] [color=#ff0000] -server to select the "server" VM[/color] [color=#ff0000] -hotspot is a synonym for the "server" VM [deprecated][/color] [color=#ff0000] The default VM is server.[/color] [color=#ff0000] -cp <class search path of directories and zip/jar files>[/color] [color=#ff0000] -classpath <class search path of directories and zip/jar files>[/color] [color=#ff0000] A ; separated list of directories, JAR archives,[/color] [color=#ff0000] and ZIP archives to search for class files.[/color] [color=#ff0000] -D<name>=<value>[/color] [color=#ff0000] set a system property[/color] [color=#ff0000] -verbose[:class|gc|jni][/color] [color=#ff0000] enable verbose output[/color] [color=#ff0000] -version print product version and exit[/color] [color=#ff0000] -version:<value>[/color] [color=#ff0000] require the specified version to run[/color] [color=#ff0000] -showversion print product version and continue[/color] [color=#ff0000] -jre-restrict-search | -no-jre-restrict-search[/color] [color=#ff0000] include/exclude user private JREs in the version search[/color] [color=#ff0000] -? -help print this help message[/color] [color=#ff0000] -X print help on non-standard options[/color] [color=#ff0000] -ea[:<packagename>...|:<classname>][/color] [color=#ff0000] -enableassertions[:<packagename>...|:<classname>][/color] [color=#ff0000] enable assertions with specified granularity[/color] [color=#ff0000] -da[:<packagename>...|:<classname>][/color] [color=#ff0000] -disableassertions[:<packagename>...|:<classname>][/color] [color=#ff0000] disable assertions with specified granularity[/color] [color=#ff0000] -esa | -enablesystemassertions[/color] [color=#ff0000] enable system assertions[/color] [color=#ff0000] -dsa | -disablesystemassertions[/color] [color=#ff0000] disable system assertions[/color] [color=#ff0000] -agentlib:<libname>[=<options>][/color] [color=#ff0000] load native agent library <libname>, e.g. -agentlib:hprof[/color] [color=#ff0000] see also, -agentlib:jdwp=help and -agentlib:hprof=help[/color] [color=#ff0000] -agentpath:<pathname>[=<options>][/color] [color=#ff0000] load native agent library by full pathname[/color] [color=#ff0000] -javaagent:<jarpath>[=<options>][/color] [color=#ff0000] load Java programming language agent, see java.lang.instrument[/color] [color=#ff0000] -splash:<imagepath>[/color] [color=#ff0000] show splash screen with specified image[/color] [color=#ff0000]See [url=""][/url] for more details.[/color][/quote] Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated [img][/img] Thanks in advance.
  2. Transformers 3 was f***ing epic...
  3. Adventure Time is probably the greatest cartoon ever...
  4. Cowboys & Aliens?.. Why wouldn't I mind seeing this?
  5. Straight up... I feel like shit. I'm so tired, the muscles in my neck are so stiff that it's killing my shoulder. Gotta get some sleep.
  6. Empty compliments don't mean squat.
  7. "Tell me. Why do people always say it was natural for man to assume that the sun went around the earth, rather than that the Earth was rotating?" "Well, obviously because it just looks as though the sun is going 'round the Earth." "... Well, what would it have looked like as though the Earth was rotating?"
  8. Happy 4th of July, everyone. Have a safe night.
  9. When I die, I want Led Zeppelin's Over the Hills and Far Away played at my funeral.
  10. Got so much accomplished today. Next week should be extremely productive.
  11. Finally got my prescription filled for eyeglasses. They should be in sometime around Monday after next if not sooner.
  12. Entire essay in 25 minutes? Psh. No problem.
  13. "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would've said faster horses." - Henry Ford
  14. Don't think I'll be driving much for the next couple of weeks. It took an extra 20 minutes to get home tonight because I can't see road signs until I'm already on them. I thought I missed my turn twice before I realized I had another 3 miles to go before I got there.
  15. Seriously considering crashing early tonight.