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  1. I've updated the game to 1.3 could you try it again for me please? I've changed some of the settings but it runs OK on my system so I don't know if it will make any difference. Thank yoU!
  2. Thanks for the updates, not sure what's going on with the speed issues. I will try and recompile it and change some of the settings in Game Maker.
  3. r1ckparker

    Deep Sea Encounters - Post Mortem

    I've pretty much finished my entry, called Deep Sea Encounters. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, as with all these things there's stuff I could do better but time and budget unfortunately make it the way it is. Stuff I would have changed - Proper 3d graphics instead of 2d Custom art and sounds instead of random stuff thrown together. Maybe the gameplay could be tweaked to add different kinds of shields and attachments, giving it more replayability. The stuff I struggled with is the timing for the attack patterns. It seems so easy but it did take a while to get right. Particularly the bosses, it took me quite a few iterations to get the firing working the way I wanted. I learned a lot about shaders during this development and I'm glad I've participated as I think the pressure to actually produce something is probably more like a gaming development environment, rather than just tinkering with stuff for my own amusement. Thanks for playing the game everyone and all your positive comments, I've released version 1.1 which is a much easier game. I've basically put a difficulty multiplier in and whenever an enemy shoots the timer is multiplied by the difficulty (so they fire much less often). I've also multiplied the player's shield strength by the multiplier. Good luck defeating the last boss I know you can do it! Rick.
  4. I went to the project page and it was set to unpublished for some reason. Ive changed it now.
  5. Thanks, I may have fallen into the developer trap of making it too difficult, if I have time I would like to introduce an 'easy' mode where the enemies don't fire as quickly.
  6. (UPDATE!) Make sure you pick up version 1.1 this is much easier and has a difficulty setting! Thanks! This is my entry for the Scrolling Shooter Challenge - Deep Sea Encounter (name changed from Alpha Whisper3) Story - Creatures are invading the Earth from the sea bed and your submarine is the only ship available to challenge them. Unfortunately you have no weapons! Only your shield can protect you. Make your way through waves of enemies and defeat the boss! Controls - Arrow keys - move. Ctrl - Shield. Escape - quit game. You can also use a control pad. Use your shield to bounce bullets back towards the enemies. Be careful though as you any have a limited shield charge. If your shield runs out, release the shield button to recharge. Collect Red power-ups to increase your speed. Collect Blue power-ups to increase your shield power. Tips - On the first level, head towards the middle in between the fish when they split. This will allow you to collect the power up. Getting close to enemies before they fire is an easy way to rebound their shots but make sure you have enough shield available! Colliding with enemies or the landscape will destroy your sub regardless of whether the shield is active. Collect red and blue power ups as much as possible they will really help. If you find it too difficult try using a gamepad to control the sub instead. Cheat Mode - press 'R' to jump to the next level! Link to Challenge Link to post mortem
  7. Good so far, mechanics are nailed down, first level is complete, have made a start on the second level. Some sound effects in, still need to do some music. I've learned so much doing this challenge, I think it's helped me a lot. Also I'm looking forward to playing other contributors' games!
  8. r1ckparker

    Perfect Circle

    Sin and Cos are a programmers best friend! I was looking at other games for inspiration and I saw this image from r-type A circle of aliens spins around the player and you have to shoot them from the inside. To calculate the points of a circle is quite easy, the calculation is - x=(radius*cos(angle)) y=(radius*sin(angle)) Therefore I have an array of 10 objects which is calculated as follows - cx=(230*cos(i*36)) cy=(230*sin(i*36)) 230 pixels from the 'origin' and I have 10 objects - 360/10=36. I is incremented by 1 each step. I now have a nice circle of aliens, I can increase the number by reducing the number 36. I can make the circle smaller or larger by increasing the radius. The first level is more or less complete, with boss monster at the end. On to the second level!
  9. r1ckparker

    Deep Sea Encounter

    This is my game for the Challenge - make a horizontal shooter with no weapons.
  10. r1ckparker

    Controlled Randomness

    You probably want a bit of randomness in your game, for example when enemies shoot a bullet or how long an explosion lasts. However sometimes you want it to be the same every game, so the player will know that an enemy will enter the stage and always shoot a bullet. You want some randomness, but consistent randomness so it is the same every time. "When replaying levels, enemies always appear in the same location and follow the same behavioral patterns" One way to do this is to have an array and load this with pre-calculated random numbers. When your game needs a number, call the next one off the stack and loop back to the top when you have run out. One cool thing you can do with this is save a replay. If you capture the player's inputs each tick, then in theory everything in the game should play out the same way. You could use this for demo mode or as a save feature.
  11. r1ckparker

    Gamedev Challenge - Shooter with no weapons

    It's Game Maker Pro.
  12. r1ckparker

    Waves and Collisions

  13. r1ckparker

    Graphics - re-using assets

    I watched an interesting video on Youtube, showing how iD software re-used assets in their sprites for Doom and how some monsters contain bits of other monsters. Working quickly and efficiently is a top priority for game developers, especially if you work on your own. Video I needed a power-up graphic and inspired by this video I decided to rework something which already exists. Of course all my graphics are just downloaded from various places, not drawn by me! In a commercial release this would not be possible but for prototyping I think it's OK to 'borrow' graphics as this game will never be commercially available. I took the sub which I am using for the player sprite and after a few quick tweaks I had something which looks OK and hopefully the player would never notice. Here's another example of tweaking existing art.
  14. r1ckparker

    Waves and Collisions

    I wanted the game to have waves of enemies, where 4 or 5 of the same type will appear and move in a predictable pattern towards the player. I placed some enemies in the stage and it was getting a bit tiresome moving them around if I wanted to move a wave to a different part of the stage. So instead of placing every individual enemy, I created a 'lead' enemy of just 1 type. All the enemies are flagged as inactive until they are drawn on screen. As soon as this enemy is made active, it starts moving and animating. I also added a spawn code to the lead enemy where it created multiples of itself and sets a speed and direction. That way if I want to re-position an enemy on the stage, I only have to do it once and move the lead enemy. I also started adding in a bit of collision detection, to test out the gameplay. Each bullet fired by the enemy has a 'bounced' flag. If it is bounced off the players shield, this flag is set. This way, enemies don't blow each other up with their own bullets. When a collision occurs, first I check to see if the bullet's bounced flag has been set. If not do nothing, if yes then create an explosion and destroy the enemy. I also have some ideas for power-ups, one will make the player move slightly faster, another makes the shield stay active for a longer time. There's a red bar at the bottom of the screen which measures how long the shield will last. When I get around to doing some sounds I can put in some cues which alert the player when it is low or about to run out.
  15. r1ckparker


    I'm going for a slightly different underwater theme with my game, as I thought it would offer a nice change to the usual space ships. I wanted to do a swirly background effect to mimic water. I guessed I could do it with shaders and after a bit of googling I found a suitable effect. I dropped it into my game and sure enough it looks quite nice! https://youtu.be/tGkFA_yZkQQ All I needed to do now was to send it into the background layer, and expand it out to fill the screen. Looks OK and was exactly what I wanted. Shaders are really powerful and you can do some amazing effects with them, I highly recommend having a look if you need to add a bit extra to your games. https://youtu.be/idsRlIQDQXM
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