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  1. collision detection

      this is how it looks like the rectangles and triangles is what i test collision against  what i understood from your words that unlike using tiles to test collision i will use math instead of pixel position, did i get it right ?
  2. collision detection

    @Kaptein that was an amazing explanation, thank you    but my collision layer is made of rectangles to represent flat tiles and a triangle for every group of slope tiles
  3. collision detection

    hi, a few weeks ago i made a simple platformer level, the map is saved to a text file and loaded into a 2D array where i handled collision by comparing the position of the player to the 2D array to see if the slot he's in is occupied or not then adjust its position.   i wanted to add more to the level so i started using tiled map editor to build the map and adding some slopes, stairs, etc.., in tiled collision is added by drawing shapes(rectangles, polygons, and lines), the problem is colliding with polygons and lines (slopes) i tried searching for it and all i found was things about separation of axis or speculative contacts and other things which i find very advanced and confusing for my level.   so i wanted to ask if there was an easier way to this ?    also should i handle all collisions in one separate class or i make every entity handle it's own collision ?
  4. learning material

      well i feel my learning process is a bit random, i get an idea and i make it and search for anything that i don't know.         SFML/C++
  5. learning material

    i guess that's true. so do you recommend any books or articles to read 
  6. learning material

    hi, i am relatively new to game developing world (started about three months ago), been doing small projects like pong, a simple platformer level, and i am starting a small game to get a grasp on how things are done.   but i feel there is something is missing in my learning process, i see lots of technical terms and different algorithms, many different ways to test for collisions (with objects or with maps), etc, ... and i don't where i can find resources to learn about more about game programming techniques.   will i get to know them by working on projects or is there books or articles where i should read.
  7. Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    great  count me in   hope to be more contests after this one
  8. Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Some links I've come across: Riemer's tutorials on Matrices PDF of 3D concepts Definitions and formulas for 3D Math and Concepts thanks for the response, i'll start reading them
  9. could you recommend any resources to read about algebra and matrices, vectors etc..