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  1. I wanted something a little bit more advanced than just drawing a line, because I don't really know how to properly scale this line into an entire scene, and I'm looking for something on a larger scale.  The thing is, it's a school project, and the requirements are either Java or C#, and no OpenGL or DirectX. The first link uses WPF (which uses DirectX for rendering) and SharpDX. 
  2. I want to create a 3D Software Renderer, with a few limitations - it can't use OpenGL or DirectX (shocker, huh?), and it has to be written in either C# or Java. I will be using C#.  I've searched the web quite a lot, and failed to find any material that would actually help. Many of the links posted are outdated, and most of the material that still, well, exists online, is purely theoretical and mostly limited to "how to draw this line".  Can you recommend a source online that explains this subject in a bit more detail, preferably something not too outdated?
  3. Suppose I have different object in my scene. Some of them use textures, some don't. Some textures need to be clipped, and some don't. Is it better to create many techniques for different combinations (and send uniform variables for these "settings"), or create constant buffers with the settings and update it from the CPU while using one technique?  
  4. What is better( performance-wise ) for a powerful GPU - send more data to the GPU and do more work on it, or do more calculations on the CPU and send the final result to the shaders?
  5. In the C++ code, do __declspec( align( 16 ) ) struct ConstantBuffer { /*...*/ };
  6. iYossi

    C++ DX11 Render to panel

    .NET Form is not C++, it's some kind of dead-managed-cpp-garbage. The point is that it's managed, and it's garbage. Try using SlimDX or any other kind of DX managed wrapper.
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