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  1.   http://www.outerra.com/   Since recently, the team working on this project has now contracts with military companies, so it doesn't look like it will be used for something more interesting.   I would like to make something a little like it, of course not necessarily as good (fractal procedural generation,high altitude zoom and large distance drawing seem like tricky problems).   What seems doable is:   * Using Openstreetmap and elevation data to generate 3D in a procedural fashion, with a "polygon art" look. This seems cheap and decent enough looking. Somebody did a similar script using OSM data for flight gear.   * I'm not aiming for a flight simulator, since it can be difficult to optimize such large scenes.   * There already are map vector tiles around which are ready if one wants to make 3D geometry out of it.   That seems to not be too difficult for a project. I'm not aiming for an impossible MMO game, since the content is the real world itself.   Sorry if my english doesn't look too good.   Please tell me if you feel that project has dark corners I haven't thought about.
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