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  1. What sort of structure should I use with my database? I'm planning to use MySQL, and have a table for every type of thing that needs stored, like this: table items(ID, items) - Stores the items that a player owns example row: 1012, (serialised items array) Alternatively, I could have a row for each item owned: table items(ID, itemID) example rows: 1012, 1 1012, 5 1012, 98 (ID 1012 owns 1, 5, and 98) Which approach is better, and more importantly, why? I know that MySQL is very forgiving, I owned a private server(well multiple connect) 1000 users online max, and it didn't lag, single table with ID, name, crumbs (crumbs = serialisation of ALL player data) Obviously, that wouldn't scale.(Unless I'm reeeaaallly wrong) Any recommended reading on this subject? Thanks in advance. edit: Should I have placed this in General Programming? If you are a moderator and you see this, please move it, if I am correct in the belief that it should be moved
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