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  1. I was reviewing a platform for mobile game achievements and leaderboards to replace Scoreloop but I can't remember its name anymore :(
  2. Wish the GO train had adjustable headrests on the seats. My neck is so sore!
  3. I just quoted Shakespeare's "Henry V" in a commit message.
  4. Are there any EPUB readers for Windows Phone that support illustrations? Freda certainly doesn't. #ebooks #wp7 #windowsphone
  5. I was thinking about making an IRC client for #Win8, but what's the point if it'd get suspended every time the user pulls up another app?
  6. Another day, another software update pushed to Windows Phone Marketplace. #fyeahme http://t.co/vRvbn3ps
  7. I remember seeing an image breaking down the placement of text, etc. for live tiles but I can't find it. Anyone help? #wp7dev #wpdev
  8. I have absolutely no idea what I'm screwing up. All I know is that I *am* screwing up. #gamedev #xna #wpdev #fml #3d
  9. "60+ .NET libraries every developer should know about. - Webdistortion : Webdistortion" #net http://t.co/A13HmtwU
  10. I'm stuck in the groove with Metro Morning from CBC Radio T... on #GetGlueHD http://t.co/qnpE2RDU
  11. Good night, innertubes.
  12. Never mind, I'm a bloody idiot. #passwordderp
  13. This is how I feel about the Total Recall remake: http://t.co/2GOQpcYJ
  14. Stumbled across a pile of my missing USB key drives. I wonder what's on them! #treasure
  15. Okay, got the oddest problem. Transparent texture lets further polys through on one side, but doesn't on the other. WTF? #xna #wp7dev
  16. ^5 "Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you, including: ..." - @AWSOMEDEVSIGNER http://t.co/HKTqvD5d via @gklst
  17. My new favorite Twitter account: @KimJongNumberUn
  18. 3D graphics are a pain in the ass.
  19. Really considering laying down again for a couple hours.
  20. Again, words cannot describe the fail. #WTF http://t.co/m99YSZJA
  21. I didn't ask for this! (Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science | Video on http://t.co/NO3JDWAo) http://t.co/Vcn2IFKA http://t.co/ctMmVyeH
  22. In one month, more Americans joined credit unions than in all of 2010. #OWS http://t.co/LkbaS9cp http://t.co/voR7pUcz
  23. Told to meet @ mall for 6:45. Arrived 10 mins early. Get text @ 6:45 that ride is only now en route. #fml
  24. Would be nice if G+ had a tab on profile pages for showing comments.
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