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  1. Hi I'm software developer ( unfortunatelly not in game industry :-( ) and I compose music as my hobby. I was thinking of leaving my job, because it is all about the same, i'm more and more bored from projects i work on, currently i am in bank sector, which is worst of all... Instead of it I would make profession from my hobby. I'm playing with this idea for some time and I decided to do some demos first, that could be sent/shown to someone ( although i have no idea to whom ;) ) I think, that I got to this point, where i can do it. I'm still unsure about genre, what could be really needed. What companies are asking for. For instance, lately I took interest in composing for trailers. But do companies hire someone just for trailer? Or do they have in-house composers for all this kind of work? I give here link to some of my songs: [url="http://soundcloud.com/martin-von-hagenau"]http://soundcloud.co...tin-von-hagenau[/url] I would really appreciate,to have some feedback from you from game industry like : this could/could not be used in some game, bad quality, it lacks something, it started good, then went wrong and similar. Thanks Martin
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