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  1.   Yup, that would actually be my recommendation! :-)   // Well, except that I wouldn't expect to gain much from looking at the output codegen, since it relies on asm.js and mostly looks like this:   Ahh I can read that just fine! ;). Now I am hoping I can make a nice website with the help of the CSS, Jquery, and HTML skills taught here and here and a fun little sandbox game with Escripten and some micro frameworks using inline JS!
  2. Okay so I think I am getting two recommendations here, unless I am reading this all wrong... :D. From what I can tell Serapth I think is pushing towards straight JS while Matt and Karsten are pushing me towards C++ JS. I really don't see why I can't use both. I mean learning JS will be great for me because I will understand the outputted code of emscripten and for managing input on my website. Emscripten would be great for optimized code that is used to make a game. So what do you guys think, should I just learn both and use both where they fit best? :)    I mean Karsten does have a point Serapth. Emscripten doesn't look like its only meant for lazy people who don't want to learn a new language. It also provides optimizations that would be time consuming to manually write. So if I could get more speed from it, why not use it for games? :)   And if I have C++ code, it would be a lot easier to make a desktop version or a mobile version of the game.   Thanks again for the replies :)
  3. Okay so then I guess I will just continue learning java script. I am willing to learn another language. I guess now I just have to weed out the bad of java script with the help of the resources suggested above and then learn the Micro-frameworks. Any recommendations on micro frameworks that I can use to help me make games (mostly in the graphics section of things but sound would be good too)?
  4. Thank you very much for all of your replies! I have mixed feelings in the posts here. Most people here seem to think JavaScript is useful, but also full of traps that will land you in a pile of crap! :D. Some others also seem to push towards using C++ for Web, which actually sounds very appealing because I LOVE C++. So now I am at a point where I think I should learn java script for Node.js and web pages. Then use C++ and Wt or Emscripen for the game.    Some questions: Does the above sound reasonable? Should I use Emscripen or Wt for web pages? Or will regular java script work better for small interactive things on the web page? Does Emscripen or Wt easily support external JS libraries?   BTW I have found this to expand my website design knowledge. Does it look like it will be useful?   Thanks again! All your words and advice are very helpful :)
  5. Hi all,   I am looking for a bit of advice and possibly some guidance. I programmed in C++ for a good three years. I also used SFML and OpenGL for 1 of the 3 years.  I haven't programmed in it in about 6 months though because I have been so concentrated on trying to learn some web programming. Now what I did was I went on Code Academy, finished the Web fundamentals, Jquery, and Javascript courses.    I am at a point where I feel I have a grasp on how to program for the web, but no clue really how develop for the web. I can open a text editor, include the needed documents, and a bow grow when clicked, but where do I learn how to make an actual good looking website? Code Academy taught me how to do some neat things with my code, but never how to make a nice, full fledged website.   So I am at the point where I want to try making a small 3D sandbox game and a nice website to encase it. I know this will require WebGL, server side programming, maybe a few helper libraries, and website designing knowledge. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of where to learn those skills.    TL;DR?   My Goal: 3D Web Sandbox Game   I have learned thoroughly: C++ OpenGL SFML   I have sort of learned: HTML CSS Javascript Jquery   I want to learn: Node.js or PHP? (Some server side language) General Web design (I kinda know CSS but that doesn't mean I know how to make stuff look nice) WebGL Three.js? (I have heard of this, not sure if I should learn it or WebGL, or both)   Any advice, links to great tutorials, or guidance on completing my goals would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance!
  6.   Thank you very much! I will check these sites out!
  7. Hello all!   I am here today to ask for advice from all you wonderful people on this site. I have been programming in C++ and often use SFML and OpenGL to  make work on little projects and occasionally even make some small games and have been doing so for the past 3 years. Now I have had occasional success with C++ and these API's but I don't see myself making much of a profit from these tools (on my own) as I grow older. This is simply because the time and effort required to make a medium-small scale (profitable) game is too great. Considering that I can get nearly the same performance for these medium-small style games using JS and WebGL, I want to jump over to the web side of things.   Now I have just finished "Web Fundamentals" over on code academy and am going to start the JS course (then hopefully a WebGL tutorial from someone) but I don't know that these courses alone will prepare me for the task of making a few games with JS and WebGL and a nice site to house these games. Now the reason I say this is because the courses on code academy seem more like "Introductory" courses. They also seem to skip the design portion of web site creation.   So I was wondering, does anyone have any recommendations to sites/courses/tutorials/books that will assist me in learning the more "Intermediate" to "Advanced" sections of HTML, CSS, and JS. Also maybe a recommendation for a good WebGL tutorial and Web Site design course?   Thanks, Brent
  8. Well I have the tile renderer working and I can load randomly generated map into the game. Does that count? Haha   Also I have gotten trello up and running (asana alternative). I really like it and hopefully it will allow me to manage my time better. I also have been looking into the pomodoro technique, have a timer on my phone for it! And the RPG concept looks cool for the HabitRPG site, but it doesn't quite look ready for full use yet.   Also I like trello and promodoro because I can use it on my phone while keeping my internet off so that I can use the 25 minutes (might raise to 30) to code without distractions.
  9. I will definitely check those things out. I have used trello in the past and have looked into promodoro but didn't quite understand it. I will check again though! As for HabitRPG, I have never heard of it and I will be sure to check it out :D.   And yes, you have seen my problem, I can't really get excited about my game in its current stage. I am just creating something that doesn't interest me that much in this point of my games development (a rural farm generator, which is weird because I was very fired up about the random terrain generator when I was making it). I think I have tricked myself into thinking that programming is too much work and I think I need a daily inspiration (any ideas). I think my game idea is pretty cool though :D. And this isn't my first attempt at a game. I have made a little game called pikin sticks before and I also tried to create a 3D Voxel based Zombie survival game but quickly stopped because I realized it was already made and the game play concept just didn't really work.   So yeah, hopefully I will get interested/inspired again :p. Then I can implement those cool things you posted.
  10. Wow!   All you guys are so awesome offering up all this advice. Based on what you guys have said, I have figured out I am kinda in "the grind" part of my project, where I am setting up a lower level stuff that isn't that fun. I also have figured out that I am drifting to YouTube because it is passive thinking (thanks warnexus) and that in order to get to work I should devout at least 30 minutes a day to programming with the internet off so that I can avoid distractions. I have also decided that I should keep my grades up because it seems as though there are pros to keeping them up and it doesn't take that much more effort for me to do that. I will also start focusing on the fact that I am working on my game because I want to work on it, not because I have to for money or college opportunities :D   Thanks everyone! I am hoping to feel less stressed and more accomplished with all this advice Brent
  11. [quote name='Cambo_frog' timestamp='1358628766' post='5023283'] I don't think working towards a career in your spare time could be considered as slacking it off. [/quote] Haha good point! If I can make an income with it too, I think they would be very pleased!
  12. I think my ultimate goal is to help people with my programming and live a comfortable life. And I do not look down on you for being an average student. I only shoot for those grades for mostly scholarship purposes for achools other than stanford because i realize stanford is a longshot.I would love to slack off if it meant i could program but my parents dont want that because grades are important to them. Thanks for your advice about getting around mental roadblocks! Thankyou so much all of you guys! You are all so helpful! Brent
  13. Alright, well I will work on personal projects for fun and I will freelance on the web side of things to make a steady income. I will spend 30 minutes a day minimum on my personal projects and i will work on freelance projects on the weekend.If anyone knows of a good freelancing site for web and c++ that isnt overrun by people who undercut prices, it would be awesome if you let me know about it. Thankyou everyone so much! Brent
  14. Alright i will try this, thanyou! I am worried that i wont even have the willpower to get on my pc though and i might just go on my phone.. Any ideas on a fix for this? :D Maybr have my parents take my phone away? Hehe. Also do you have any ideas for the money flow problem? I have a job oppurtunity on saturdays for some extra cash but i would really like to know if there is a worthwhile freelance programming alterative. Thanks, BrentI am fairly new to programming and haven't made any money off it so far so I may not be the best person to ask. However I know some site like addicting games, funny games and armor games pay you to have your game on their site. it has to be flash though. I know some people who have made flash games in only a day or two during game jams, so maybe if you work very hard you could produce a basic flash game and generate some money. Yeah it is starting to seem like c++ and opengl isnt really the way to make much money as a student. It is starting to seem like web is a more viable option for a steady income. I will definately consider moving to the web but if there are any other options that involve c++ and or graphics APIs like Opengl that someone knows about, please let me know. Is there a money making oppurtunity in making mods for games? I like doing that and have done that in the past. Thanks for your reply! Brent
  15. Well I am making games because I want, but i also know it will help me. So i am not doing it for the sole purpose of college. Also the only reason i really want to go to stanford is because of the cs oppurtunities there (such as the amount of other people who are good and interested in programming). But I think the idea that I NEED to make a game is what is actually holding me back, so I will stop pushing to make a game because i have to. Also i like the idea of science fairs for programming, i will check that out. I am still have a shortage of cash though, so are there any oppurtunties that you guys know of? Thanks a ton! Brent