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  1. need help with a software logo please :)

    anyone? have to submit the software tomorrow and i can't make a decent logo myself :(
  2. need help with a software logo please :)

    cheers for the reply. i will download inkscape and have a go of creating something, although i doubt it will be in any way decent haha if anyone that is good at this kind of thing has a few spare minutes to fix something i would gladly accept it   edit: just downloaded inkscape, looks so complicated lol
  3. howdy, if anyone feels kind enough and has a few spare minutes; i'm having trouble creating a logo for my college project! as i am absolutely terrible at any kind of art! also i have no software that would help me do the logo   anyway, looking for a simple logo that would look in any way similar to this one at the top of the picture. anything simple will do! or if anyone has links to any videos that i could follow to do it in paint.. i would be grateful thanks!     instead of MediTech, Patient Management mine will be "YomiTech" and in small under it "Help Desk System" it will be located at the top of my system in the empty space:   
  4. hi guys,     I am trying to setup a login system where when a user enters his username and password and presses the login button, his username and password are sent in an SQL statements to be matched with a User in the database. if the username and password are correct(if they are matched in the database) a User object is created with all of the users data from the database and the user is brought to the Admin Dashboard   After doing a lot of research on Result sets etc and going through a lot of code, I still can not make it work in my system. Can anyone show me a good way to do this? Or tell me if there is something obvious wrong with this code?   At the moment when I enter in a username and password and press login I get an error in the console: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column index at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.setStringInternal(OraclePreparedStatement.java:5321) at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.setString(OraclePreparedStatement.java:5309) at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatementWrapper.setString(OraclePreparedStatementWrapper.java:280) at database.UserOperations.validateLog(UserOperations.java:45) at gui.Login$2.mouseClicked(Login.java:77)   some of the gui code   JButton btnLogin = new JButton("Login"); btnLogin.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() { public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) { UserOperations userOperations = new UserOperations(); ResultSet rset = userOperations.validateLog(textFieldUsername.getText(), textFieldPassword.getText()); User user = null; try { if (rset.next()) { user = new User(rset.getInt("userID"), rset.getString("userName"), rset.getString("userPassword"), rset.getString("securityQuestion"), rset.getString("securityAnswer"), rset.getInt("adminRights"), rset.getString("email"), rset.getString("fName"), rset.getString("phoneNumber"), rset.getString("department")); dispose(); AdminDashboard admin = new AdminDashboard(); admin.setVisible(true); } else{ JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Login fail!", "Error", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE); } } catch (SQLException e2) { e2.printStackTrace(); } } });     validateLogin() method   public ResultSet validateLog(String username, String userpassword) { try { String sql = "SELECT userid, username, userpassword, securityquestion, securityanswer, adminrights, email, fname, phonenumber, department FROM systeuser WHERE username = ? AND userpassword = ?"; stmt = conn.prepareStatement(sql); stmt.setString (2, username); stmt.setString (3, userpassword); rset = stmt.executeQuery ( ); } catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace ( ); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null, "Login Failed", null, JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE); } return rset; }     any help is greatly appreciated 
  5. thanks for the reply. looking at your link, i made some changes to my code to try set up the links although when i ran the code is made no changes at all and just gave me 2 normal buttons.. here is the code i used and a picture of it running       JButton btnForgottenUsername = new JButton("Forgotten Username?"); btnForgottenUsername.setBounds(131, 62, 156, 23); btnForgottenUsername.setHorizontalAlignment(SwingConstants.LEFT); btnForgottenUsername.setBorderPainted(false); btnForgottenUsername.setOpaque(false); btnForgottenUsername.setBackground(Color.lightGray); contentPane.add(btnForgottenUsername); JButton btnForgottenPassword = new JButton("Forgotten Password?"); btnForgottenPassword.setBounds(131, 108, 156, 23); btnForgottenPassword.setHorizontalAlignment(SwingConstants.LEFT); btnForgottenPassword.setBorderPainted(false); btnForgottenPassword.setOpaque(false); btnForgottenPassword.setBackground(Color.lightGray); contentPane.add(btnForgottenPassword);
  6. ** this question is SOLVED ** i used this line of code to set LaF   UIManager.setLookAndFeel( UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName());     last questioin guys,my GUI look different from when i look at it with eclipse window builder to when i run it.. i guess it has something to do with the java "look and feel".  and how do i get it to keep the same characteristics when run as it has in the window builder. here is what it looks like when ran.. (want it to look like the window in my first above post if possible i.e. have the same button/label characteristics etc)     any help with any of the above questions will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  7. a second question if anyone would be nice enough to answer   another one of my gui windows:     i need a section of the window to show all data from the Tickets table from my database.. is there a swing component that would let me show a table from my database?? (see "your open tickets" section of my window)
  8. Hi guys, I'm using eclipse window builder for simple swing windows that i am trying to create. i have everything laid out except the forgotten username and password links. does anyone know how i create a link(not a button) like a html link that would take the user to a new window when clicked? what swing component would i use to do this?     edit: i need the link to take me to a new window in the program and not a web browser 
  9. edited previous post to clear some things up. this is what i get in the console when i run CreateContacts class. does this mean that the code is not connected to the database?   testing US7ASCII against <abc> PASSED LOSSY testing US7ASCII against <ab?c> PASSED LOSSY testing US7ASCII against <XYZ> PASSED LOSSY testing US7ASCII against <longlonglonglong...> PASSED LOSSY testing WE8ISO8859P1 against <abc> PASSED LOSSY testing WE8ISO8859P1 against <ab?c> PASSED LOSSY testing WE8ISO8859P1 against <XYZ> PASSED LOSSY testing WE8ISO8859P1 against <longlonglonglong...> PASSED LOSSY testing AL24UTFFSS against <abc> PASSED testing AL24UTFFSS against <ab?c> PASSED testing AL24UTFFSS against <XYZ> PASSED testing AL24UTFFSS against <longlonglonglong...> PASSED testing UTF8 against <abc> PASSED testing UTF8 against <ab?c> PASSED testing UTF8 against <XYZ> PASSED testing UTF8 against <longlonglonglong...> PASSED
  10. Hi guys, just installed oracle database express edition for my home computer. i have the database running and i am connected though SQL developer. i couldn't connect via the basic connection as i kept getting an error (listener refused connection... TNS: listener does not know of SID given connect descriptor) so i connected through a TNS connection with network alias: ORCL  my problem is now i don't know how to connect my java code to the database so i can run CreateContacts class to make the tables ... currently when i run the CreateContacts class and check in SQL developer if the tables were made, they are not in the database so i assume my java connection(// Home Oracle XE) is incorrect in the DBConnection class. can anyone have a look please and help me get my java connected to my database so i can run the CreateContacts class? DBConnection class   package database; import java.sql.*; import oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource; public class DBConnection { private Connection conn = null; public Connection openDB() { try { OracleDataSource ods = new OracleDataSource(); // College // ods.setURL("jdbc:oracle:thin:@//"); // ods.setUser("x00075734"); // ods.setPassword("db27Oct90"); // Home Oracle XE ods.setURL("jdbc:oracle:thin:HR/SYSTEM@localhost:1521:XE"); // not sure if this line is //is correct ods.setUser("SYSTEM"); // username i use to log into oracle database ods.setPassword("db27Oct90"); //password i use to log into oracle database conn = ods.getConnection(); System.out.println("connected."); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.print("Unable to load driver " + e); System.exit(1); } return conn; } public void closeDB() { try { conn.close(); System.out.print("Connection closed"); } catch (SQLException e) { System.out.print("Could not close connection "); e.printStackTrace(); } } }     CreateContacts class   package database; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.SQLException; public class CreateContacts { private Connection conn = null; private PreparedStatement stmt = null; private DBConnection db; public CreateContacts() { db = new DBConnection(); conn = db.openDB(); } public void CreateContactsTable() { try { // Dropping a Table String drop = "DROP TABLE Contacts"; stmt = conn.prepareStatement(drop); stmt.executeUpdate(); // Create a Table String create = "CREATE TABLE Contacts " + "(id NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR(40), address VARCHAR(30), pnumber VARCHAR(30), email VARCHAR(20))"; stmt = conn.prepareStatement(create); stmt.executeUpdate(create); // Insert data into table String insertString = "INSERT INTO Contacts(id,name,address,pnumber,email) values(?,?,?,?,?)"; stmt = conn.prepareStatement(insertString); stmt.setInt(1, 1); stmt.setString(2, "Peter"); stmt.setString(3, "23 Lime Lane"); stmt.setString(4, "018776543"); stmt.setString(5, "p.cassisy@b.com"); stmt.executeUpdate(); stmt.setInt(1, 2); stmt.setString(2, "Donal"); stmt.setString(3, "2 Shelbourne rd"); stmt.setString(4, "012445678"); stmt.setString(5, "d.oreilly@b.com"); stmt.executeUpdate(); stmt.setInt(1, 3); stmt.setString(2, "Mary"); stmt.setString(3, "4 Richmond rd"); stmt.setString(4, "018765456"); stmt.setString(5, "m.lawlor@b.com"); stmt.executeUpdate(); stmt.setInt(1, 4); stmt.setString(2, "Glen"); stmt.setString(3, "4 Richmond lane"); stmt.setString(4, "017854563"); stmt.setString(5, "g.whelan@b.com"); stmt.executeUpdate(); conn.commit(); stmt.close(); db.closeDB(); } catch (SQLException e) { System.out.print("SQL Exception " + e); System.exit(1); } } public static void main(String args[]) { CreateContacts ct = new CreateContacts(); ct.CreateContactsTable(); } }   thanks in advance
  11. a few questions

    cheers buddy
  12. a few questions

    i would like to bump this and ask another question :) well now i am back in college and have gone over all of javas advanced language features including JDBC. now the only thing i am lacking in is the networking side of things.. sockets etc.. could anyone tell me how i would go about getting to know the networking side of java rpg game making? tutorials etc also i am getting confused when it comes down to how i should lay my classes out.. would anyone have a link to any class diagrams that the above games would use(java orthogonal tilebased rpg game)? cheers
  13. noob question

    crazy how you forget some of the basics.. thanks for clearing that up mate
  14. feel stupid for asking this but in java, to create an object of a class i thought you needed the class name then the name of the object you wanted to create.. like this Student student1 = new Student(); but in this tutorial i am following the author created 2 Image objects in a different way: plane = new Image("data/plane.png"); land = new Image("data/land.jpg"); what is he doing above? is he creating 2 Image objects or is he doing something else? is this not the correct way to create an object below?: Image plane = new Image("data/plane.png"); Image land = new Image("data/land.jpg");
  15. found the problem. the plane image was corrupt for some reason, i made a new one and it worked. thanks again guys