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  1. The article is well-written but in my opinion is kind of vague and speculative..   Both OOP and ES approaches can solve _most_ games in arguably the most efficient way.. I guess they are both perfectly valid in many aspects. But there is a reason people are tending to change into ES progressively. It compromises speed in some cases but is always a more powerful and flexible solution if done right. I've even seen implementations where ES performs better!   As the OP said, choose the tool right for the task. In most cases, either of the approaches will probably do. But you can hardly get it wrong with a good ES, imo.
  2. DevilWithin

    You Don't Need to Hide Your Source Code

    I think the thing to consider about source code releases is that doing it will create a chance to get trouble, while leaving it in the safe box will be probably be safer in many ways.    The two worst things I can think of are the risk of having someone else compile your code and sell it as their own( This has happened before, and while it can be dealt with, its always a major inconvenience, for example, Lugaru from Wolfire).   Also, when you spent hundreds of hours coding some feature that makes your game completely unique and spetacular, you don't want to share it for free with other developers. There will be probably a fellow developer checking out your code, drawing all the good ideas and snippets from it and implement that feature in his own technology.   Even game technology like SpeedTreeRT have a evaluation trial using their code, but don't just release their source to the public with a legal binding.    So, my opinion about this article is that in many many cases, its completely okay to release source and it may or may not bring any benefits.   But in games where special mechanics are the major selling points, holding the source might be very important for the company.
  3. DevilWithin

    The Nerd Mafia

    Friendship and good work relationships are a great boost to getting things done. As they say, Alone you get there faster, but with a team you go farther..    Maintaining good social relationships or not can be a deal breaker or exactly what pushes you into success. But don't overestimate the work it will take if you want to go with Indie development and such entrepreneur affairs.    That dreamy attitude is great, but don't forget you will need to work even more than you dream, you need to work until your bones hurt and really love the cause. Yes, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but keep it in mind!   Stay healthy, positive and work your ass out for what you want :)
  4. DevilWithin

    New Engine and Game

    As one of the authors of the book, I have to say your text put a smile on my face! I am so glad you are enjoying this book! Thanks a lot for the positive opinion and feedback! :)
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