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  1. SageKri

    Second Day Posting something here

    Yaaa, posted a bit more, not much has really changed from my last entry. Ironically enough this was probably posted even later in the evening for me then the last entry. it is 11:21 AM now and I'm about to fall asleep, just wanted to say thanks (for nothing AT ALL, seriously?!) gamedev community
  2. SageKri

    Sleeping Schedule

    What is this thing called "Sleep"? I seem to not get anywhere near enough of it, oh well! What does it have to do with a Blog? Because 3D Developing is why my sleep took its bags and ran away. I work Midnight Shift at a Bowling Alley, Oh the joys of being on a different time schedule from all your friends and family. Whats this? It gets better?.... Moved across the Country to be with a very lovely girl, Which also means every one of my friends are now in a different time Zone
  3. Attmepting to find a Red Ring Rico 3D Model :o Saw her in one of Lee's Video's and I want to play around with her model a bit =] Personal of course. We love PSO <3
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