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  1. seccia

    Vive le Roi

    Vive le Roi is a stealth puzzle game which context is the French Revolution and in which you have to prevent the King from being beheaded! Yes, that's crazy! 😃 TRY THE GAME: https://www.kongregate.com/games/seccia/vive-le-roi Don't hesitate to leave me a comment, any feedbacks to improve the game is welcome.
  2. seccia

    Vive le Roi

    Album for Vive le Roi
  3. seccia

    Vive le Roi! (Long Live The King!)

    Run Forest! Run ! No. Nothing to do with him but you can still play Vive le Roi for free on Kongregate right now! 😄 https://www.kongregate.com/games/seccia/vive-le-roi
  4. seccia

    Vive le Roi! (Long Live The King!)

    It's also possible to knock out a guard like this. Play Vive le Roi: https://www.kongregate.com/games/seccia/vive-le-roi
  5. seccia

    Vive le Roi! (Long Live The King!)

    In the game you can hide behind wooden stacks as you can hide in the shadow of a tower.
  6. Vive le Roi is a stealth puzzle game which context is the French Revolution and in which you have to prevent the King from being beheaded! Yes, that's crazy! 😃 You can play the game on Kongregate: https://www.kongregate.com/games/seccia/vive-le-roi So, don't hesitate to leave me a comment, any feedbacks to improve the game is welcome. Thanks. Sylvain.
  7. thanks Ravyne :) here's our first teaser...   Please share this post if you can and let's get some momentum going.  
  8. Hello everyone, The campaign is now well underway. Funding is slow, perhaps due to a long weekend in France, but the number of visits is on the up and we are hoping to see that trend continue. We know that not all who are interested in AGE and DĂ©sirĂ© can support us financially, but we greatly appreciate traffic coming our way. So thank you for your support and please keep sharing our Facebook page to spread the word. In the meantime, we are sharing with you exclusively on Indiegogo new screenshots of DĂ©sirĂ©. More goodies are on the way so stay tuned!   http://igg.me/at/desiregame
  9. DĂ©sirĂ© is an old style Point & Click adventure game whose references are drawn from the purest tradition of LucasArts games.   Games such as Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Flashback strongly inspired Sylvain Seccia in his youth and motivated him to write, 15 years later, his own adventure game to fulfill his dream.   Passionate and spurred on by a desire to share his journey, he convinced a bunch of highly qualified contributors to work as part of a team to give birth to this animated graphic novel and to let you share the same emotions he felt as he created the character of DĂ©sirĂ©.     Ah... dear fellow traveller... I am delighted to make your acquaintance and walk along thisrocky path with you, so that I can recount an astonishing story. Don't judge too quickly! At least, let the epilogue unfurl first. This tale is both ragged and delicate...repugnant and alluring... wistful and light-hearted... but most of all, it is dinstinctly human and  profoundly singular. let me introduce you to this young colour-blind boy who, since birth, has only ever seen the world in black and white. Colours; to him, are as abstract as faith to the atheist. And yet, colours haunted his dreams, night and day.  The boy is called DĂ©sirĂ© and his journey will surely surprise you. But enough talk! It's now up to you to let the adventure unfold...     This project is the culmination of two years of hard thinking, a year of writing and, so far, three years of development.   This atypical adventure inspired by the literary works of CĂ©line and based on the personal experience of Sylvain Seccia, takes a swipe at the world of contemporary video games.   Unlike today's clichĂ©s of immediacy and speed, DĂ©sirĂ© drags you into a subtly poetic and contemplative ambience.   Will you get DĂ©sirĂ© to see colours at last?   DĂ©sirĂ© is colour-blind from birth; he will lead you into in world of black and white. A taciturn loner, ill at ease, DĂ©sirĂ©  constantly tries to find himself, to make his own way in life. He marches on hesitantly, as life never brought him much joy. From a tender age, he is going to meet several characters who will elicit in DĂ©sirĂ© intense emotions and alter his vision in surprising ways. Is colour at the end of the road?   « When you start hiding from people, it's a sign that you're afraid to play with them. That in itself is a disease. We should try to find out why we refuse to get cured of loneliness. », L.-F. CĂ©line   When the schoolteacher asks DĂ©sirĂ© why he didn't draw the sun like the other pupils, he replies spontaneously:   "It's always night in my head".     Music in video games is often an afterthought. This is not the case here!   In DĂ©sirĂ©, music is crucial as it carries meaning and emotions; music is DĂ©sirĂ©'s universe.    Although it is possible to switch the music off in the game, to play it without music is like watching a film with your hands on your ears.  LoĂŻk BrĂ©dolĂšse composed piano score of over 80 minutes exclusively for DĂ©sirĂ©, to convey the hero's emotions in each of the four chapters of his life.   As the campaign progresses, you will discover more and more of that music.     Before work on the game started, Sylvain looked long and hard for an appropriate development tool. Having found none that met his needs, and spurred on by passion for his project, Sylvain hurled himself into the development of a completely new game engine in C++... and thus,  the Adventure Game Engine (AGE) was born.   Unlike existing tools, developed by programmers for programmers, AGE offers game creators a scenario-based approach. AGE is an easy to use WYSWYG editor whose mission is to transcribe a scenario and various puzzles from paper to screen. Easy to understand for non-programmers, AGE was pivotal in the development of DĂ©sirĂ© and will allow enthusiasts to create adventure games and to port them easily toWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.     Please keep an eye on our campaign as we intend to explain how AGE works in a forthcoming video tutorial. More than that: you will be able to get your hands on AGE for FREE! We know that Point & Click enthusiasts play on multiple devices and we are resolutely commited to cross-platform compatibility. Help us achieve our goals and we will port DĂ©sirĂ© to the following platforms: Windows (Vista and later) Mac OS X Linux But look beyond traditional platforms and note our stretch goals for: iOS Android   The game is already quite advanced:   The scenario and all the puzzles have been written. The game backgrounds are done and you will discover some of them during our campaign. All our characters have been designed, and some of them are astounding! The characters from DĂ©sirĂ©'s childhood, in the first chapter of the game, have come to life though subtle animation. Dialogues for chapter 1 are done. The game development engine, AGE, is done. The soundtrack is done.   There are still many elements and fine detail to add in order to complete DĂ©sirĂ©'s journey. That is precisely why we need your support.   Do you love adventure games? Are you a literature enthusiast, a fervent fiction reader? Or maybe just curious and attracted by the novelty and originality of our project?   Then please support our effort and helps us surpass even our own ambitions!   The creation of a game such as DĂ©sirĂ© requires a gigantic amount of work to provide the best possible experience. Your contribution will allow us to finalise: Character animation for chapters 2 to 4. Puzzles for chapters 3 and 4. The game's cinematic intro. The four cinematic sequences introducing each chapter. Inventory icons for chapters 2 to 4. Dialogues for chapters 2 to 4. Talk to your friends! Word of mouth is the key to success, don't forget to share this page on social medias/forums, that will help us a lot!   Follow us on   Indiegogo campaign:   http://igg.me/at/desiregame   Facebook fan page:   http://www.facebook.com/desiregame    
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