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  1. pytest prints a . when a test is successful, or a F when a test fails. So far: .................FFFFFFFFFFF.
  2. Going to pick up my camera after work today. Woot!
  3. New SLR is coming on the 22nd. Can't wait!
  4. #Django's order_by() doesn't accept short names defined in a model via its db_column argument. #QuerySet #Python
  5. My netbook display is dying. EeePCs aren't really great for high-frequency use.
  6. Still working on my research proposal for postgrad. This stuff is exciting. Good night Twitterverse.
  7. govia has got to be the dodgiest toll payment system ever in Qld. Repeats credit card number digits out loud, and saves it without consent.
  8. Puss in Boots was great, great, awesome!
  9. Good morning Twitterverse. Off to see Puss in Boots today.
  10. Just bought my Galaxy Nexus out right. This holiday season has been expensive. Good night Twitterverse.
  11. Got a surprise new hair stylist from my usual hair. Feels great.
  12. Okay, I'm ordering one by buying it out right. Sorry @Telstra.
  13. Good morning Twitterverse! Going to the Saturday #BrisbaneSketch. The venue is now back to Starbucks at Myer Centre, Queen St Mall.
  14. #LazyWeb is there a way to change #NewTwitter's links from hard-to-read grey to good-constrast <insert colour here>? cc @Twitter
  15. My text editor has its own package manager. =D
  16. Good morning Twitterverse. Looks like it's going to rain in Brisbane.
  17. #WebDU 2012 announced! 3-4 May, Sydney.
  18. Setting up our project expo. #uni
  19. Good morning Twitterverse. Slept from 7pm to 4am. Haven't had such a good sleep in a while.
  20. Playing a Mario tune by sight-reading on the piano: http://t.co/fe3kCWTi #awesome
  21. Thanks @Mixailovich, @alexdickson! Finally without exams. Woot woot.
  22. Exam starting. See you on the other side.
  23. [Photography] Back to the future: http://t.co/Lru9R4Es (I think @brainpicker will love this :)
  24. Last exam _ever_ tomorrow for my university career. Let's do this.
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