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  1. I like being the character as well. I felt like Morrowind was pretty cool about it all in the intro.
  2. Does anyone know of a way to calculate translucent subsurface scattering in real time? For a good example of what I'm trying to simulate: I was thinking if I rendered each "frosted" part offscreen as a portal, then did a quick blur, it would look 1/2 decent. Has anyone tried this sort of thing before?
  3. Elixir

    What if a model should break?

    A bone would be 3 parts. 1) Above Fracture 2) Below Fracture 3) Invisible string Normally the end of 1 is attached to 2 so the string is 0 units long. When a bone breaks, you can un-attach them and then you use the string as a loose bone that stretches. It will act like skin and allow the broken part to flop around. When the bones break, you switch rendering models so one has bones. When the model puts weight on its leg, the part above the fracture will fall downward, pulling the string down with it. If it stretches too far, the below fracture bone will end up sticking out. In fact, you can have it so you calculate the nearest point of the skeleton based on your dynamics. You can then insert the string "Bone" there and you will have dynamic breakages. =P The hard part will be morphing models to allow breaking anywhere on the bone. =P Fixed breaks would be much easier. Man. That was gruesome to type.
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