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  1. This is how I plan on paying for things, in bulk at milestones so that way if something falls through on either end both of us will at least have something instead of nothing (say the project ends or the artist has life issues that interrupt his work).
  2. Acissathar

    Games that wear you out

    This is how I felt about Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I love the Assassin's Creed story and games a huge amount but for some reason the tons of tutorials (While very nice refreshers which were helpful) just made it hard for me to ever put it back in. I'm still at the crafting tutorial :/ Someone else brought up Minecraft and I recently picked the game up. Part of the problem with keeping a game from wearing me out is that I need to stop myself from over playing it and burning myself out. I also have a tendency to play on the hardest difficulty so my first few days playing Minecraft on Hard while trying to play it as Creative Mode did not end well. I had to step back and focus on other tasks because I could tell I was starting to want to never touch the game again which I knew was the wrong thing because it really is fun to play with others. Different ways of playing also helps to prevent this, you can use Minecraft Survival vs. Creative for this but I prefer to use the mobile game I bought; Civilization Revolution. One of the things that kept me playing after I won is that I still have I think it's ~20 different civilizations I can choose to play as, but not only that I can win through Military Domination, Economic Superiority, Culture Superiority, and finally Technological Advancement. Variety to me is what prevents a game from causing burnout.
  3. Side quests to the main story if they are well done are generally what keep me playing the game and wanting more. However for some games its simple things like crafting where if I want a cool weapon (Not just the strongest but something that stands out, like the Wabbajak from Skyrim) I can go out of my way to get it on it's own little "epic" quest; not just buy 4 resources and smelt.
  4. I thought I had thrown in 2D Mobile in my original posting but I had left it out, that's why such a number was surprising to me because I was under the assumption that this was all for 2D. That's what I get for assuming though! This is an option too, but the only problem I can see with this is if the "winning" artist's style does not match these generic pieces. The biggest thing I wish to avoid is a Frankenstein'd game with mismatching pieces. Granted it's easy to minimize the damage (Don't choose Sci-Fi pieces if the game is Fantasy) but it's something I hope to not even have to mess with.
  5. Thank you for the insight, I do like the decision grid idea and I'll implement that before I choose someone.. That is definitely more than expecting but at least I have some numbers to work with, and I do understand that greater quality will demand a greater price but this "middle of the road" estimate is very helpful. The sprites and such will be designed with a mobile platform in mind so they wouldn't be too largeThis is indeed going to be the first published game however the budget is not so much a problem (at least currently), as this is simply a side project during my off time until I complete my contract at the end of 2013 so I'm not afraid to spend X amount of money over that time. Again thank you everyone for your insight.
  6. That's what I plan to do when I get to the stage the assets are needed, but right now I'm just trying to get a feel for what a good price would be. I don't want to head in blindly and try to negotiate without having the slightest idea; I'd hate to end up insulting or losing potential artists because the price I think might work initially is grossly undervalued.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am creating an RPG Loot Fest and the biggest piece I need to complete will be the art assets. I am trying to find a rough estimate for the assets needed to complete the project. I am looking at keeping it with one artists / studio in order to keep the whole set similar in style and following a general cartoon fantasy feel. Currently I'm looking at these for the assets: ~50 Weapons, split between swords, staves, axes, etc. ~20 Different Enemies ~7 Unique Boss Characters 4 or 5 different "Platform" tile-sets (Different themes, one is dark ruins, one is grassy, etc.) GUI elements for health, mana, actionbars, etc. All of this is assuming a direct payment model, not splitting shares or any other strings attached methods. Thank you for your time.
  8. Acissathar

    What must a TD Game have for you to buy it?

    1. Definately agree with you. I recently played a TD that had a tower which would root a creep and then give you double profit upon that creeps death. The problem was that the tower was extremely slow, targetted only one unit, and was an expensive tower to build. The tower had no use unless you had a vast quantity, but due to their cost it was bordering the impossible. 2. I have never seen this method before, but I do not think it is a good idea. It adds another level of complexity that is not needed with the potential to give the player game breaking amounts of resource. (Pool huge amount mean you get bigger interest which fuels the next interes) Either that or it is such a small benefit that it's just a waste. 3. I'm on the fence with this one. While I don't believe a model similar to Wave 1 took you 10 seconds to defeat and Wave 2 took 5 minutes, I do believe that the waves should not scale in difficulty through a linear model. I feel that this would lead to predictable game play, and make each decision set in stone instead of "adapt and overcome." By a x4 pack, you mean something like a discount for X copies, where X is the number of players available in multiplayer? I also like the synergistic options. (Mainly because synergy is my favorite word!) The more options, the more you can play the game and still have a new experience each time. 1. Yes, completely agree! 2. You mean the one time use things, like the road spike / pinapple bombs? 3. Custom towers would be fun, maybe possible in a "sandbox" mode where you choose what a tower does and it's price changes based on the effects 4. Same as #1. I think it sucks when you get far and then one bad wave ends the game with no option of recovery. If anything, defeating X number of waves without taking any damage will restore Y health. 5. I think this would be better as a playmode, a "hardcore" one maybe. I don't want to overload the player with so many things they have to keep track off, because then it loses it's fun appeal and just becomes a micromanaging simulation. 6. I've seen that as well, where the tower targets first in line, last in line, lowest HP, most HP, etc. This is another feature for micromanaging, but I believe this can be implemented with a default option so those that WANT to do it can, and those that don't, won't. 7. That's something we can think of. It would certainly change up the player's strategy mid game. 8. YES! Effects are definately what the budget is accomidating. 9. Additional play modes I would say are a necessity if the game is going commercial. Similar to how Tetris Attack on the SNES did it? I know some games have tried the version where one player controls the horde and the other is the defender. I think that would be fun as well, with each round switching it up. Another thing I am getting from this thread is to definately check out Defense Grid because it seems to have many pluses for a commercial TD.
  9. Acissathar

    What must a TD Game have for you to buy it?

    I like the point about the download version regarding saved progress, I did not even think of that! An updater is definately something we would include. I understand how much of a pain it is to not even learn of an update and then when you finally DO find out about it, it requires you to give up all that you already had. How do you feel about something like a news feed at the bottom of the main menu (similar to Mass Effect / Dragon Age) that gives information about any available/upcoming updates or other games?
  10. Acissathar

    What must a TD Game have for you to buy it?

    Consistent art style is one of the biggest things I look for, I really dislike it when things look 'Frankensteined' together So regarding maps, a handful of unique maps packaged with the game at launch, and then the option of dynamically generated ones as an update down the road? I've written down these so far as big additions: -Free trial -Polished game play, menus, GUI -Consistant art style -Pleasing graphics + sounds (music tracks and sound effects) -Unique maps and strategies -Tower variety with as little similarity as possible I appreciate all the responses!
  11. Acissathar

    What must a TD Game have for you to buy it?

    Kloffy are you saying you'd like it if the game had things such as: -Polished Menus, not just "click start, game starts" -Varying difficulties the player can choose -Towers with few similarites to others What about map selection, would you prefer a selection of pre-created maps to play on, or a dynamic map where you create your own obstacles for the creeps to pass through?
  12. Acissathar

    What must a TD Game have for you to buy it?

    Well we're not dead set on making a commercial TD game, however we do want to make a TD game. (If anything the game will be for us and some friends to enjoy, I personally love TD games with survival modes.) I'm using this more of a basis on how to build a TD that would be enjoyable. My thinking is that if it's something you'd be willing to pay for, then it's likely a feature that the game should have that would get you to play it in the first place.
  13. Hello everyone. Let's say there was a tower defense game out for PC's that has a price tag of $2 to $5. What features must be included in the game for you, as the customer, to consider purchasing the game?
  14. Acissathar

    Algebra calculators?

    It's possible that his WalMart calculator is limiting the results he can get as well. I know I love my TI-8x dearly because even when all the "cheat" programs are disabled, it can still function properly and get me the results I need when I have to work out the formulas. When i tried to bring my math homework home and use the ghetto calculator my mom used for bills, it just couldn't get the job done because of it's lack of functionality. On the otherhand, I know a lot of people that have come to rely too much on their TIs and its programs so that when the programs are disabled or they must do the formulas with pen and paper, they can't do it.
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