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  1. I'm using Qt 4.8.7, which seems to be the last of the line of Qt version 4. I don't want to jump to Qt 5 simply because installs are getting bigger. Granted, they are trying to provide support for more operating systems, but it is very clunky. I looked into Necessitas for Android and the whole process of getting your app onto a mobile phone just seems clunky. Technically it all works, but usability goes out the window. I'm sticking with desktop deployment for now.
  2. It's been a LONG TIME since I last updated you guys on my game engine. This is what I've accomplished so far: https://youtu.be/sWIAZwODEMo
  3. http://qt.eastfist.com I'll be putting up a series of very basic tutorials on Qt c++ while I recover from surgery.
  4. Just translated some image distortion algorithms from c# to Qt c++. Looks amazing, although not ideal for real-time rendering. Have to still learn about bilinear interpolation and direct pointers to pixels.
  5. I realize now that if I continue to rewrite my code, I'll never get it done. This iteration, though, is quite robust. But it seems I encounter a new problem everytime I implement a new feature to make it easier to use. For example, today was all about make tabs.
  6. Qt manages to open/draw a 24 megapixel jpeg with ease (because of built-in double-buffering in their widgets). However, in GIMP, which is built with GTK, it tears all over the place. I dare someone to write a Qt paint program comprehensive enough to compete with GIMP.
  7. Success! Qt "real" 3D rotation transformations give me Mode-7 F-Zero type of rendering. Opens up all sorts of possibilities. Check out my video: http://youtu.be/KuTBzhBqU4Y
  8. First goal after completing the development kit is to "port" the fundamental seminal games like Tetris, Pac-Man, Mario. If I can do that with ease, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do. Of course, I don't want to get ahead of myself.
  9. New GUI is coming along nicely. Stability is the main issue.
  10. I wonder if I could send images to Phonon and take advantage of Phonon's DirectX fullscreen mode. If my understanding is correct, on Windows, the DirectX api is called and plays the video at true fullscreen (changing the screen resolution). I looked at the QAbstractVideoSurface code and it looks like it just draws it scaled up. Don't know if it changes the screen size for better performance.
  11. Back in high school, when I was taking my first Turbo Pascal classes, I didn't realize how important learning a "bubble sort" was. Now, having to implement my own Undo/Redo framework for my application, my Jedi Knight training has come full circle. Whodda thunk?
  12. I've been weary about which media formats I should allow in my engine. If my understanding of MP3 is correct, I cannot use the MP3 sourcecode (particularly the decoder) because it is owned and patented. Some encoders use are not written by the patent owners, but even then it's risky. So, as long as my engine doesn't encode or decode MP3s, that means I can allow MP3 files in the project because the user would have to obtain the encoder/decoder on their own. I think this is corre...
  13. Qt provides everything to the average developer for making a robust 2D game engine except access to the local API for something simple but vital as changing screen resolution.
  14. After watching a video of the first graphical editor made in 1963 called Sketchup, I'm starting to think how I can make my own design easier and more intuitive to use.
  15. First compatibility demo for SDXM for Windows is ready to download at http://sdxm.eastfist.com. Let me know if there are any issues.
  16. It took the developers of Retro City Rampage about 10 years to develop that game and it's still not out yet. Gives me hope that I don't have to rush my own projects out. Do it my way. Like painting a masterpiece. Pure me.
  17. Usability is important, isn't it? Anyone with a clue how to put together a quick game can slap together an SDK and literally have a game up and running in a week. But that beast will be full of text boxes and drop down menus and other doo-dads that will perceptibly be intimidating. So how does one design it in a way that it's incredibly intuitive but robust? That, friends, is the real challenge.
  18. Man, Qt/c++ is so fast, you have to keep track of the render cycle. That's where timers come in handy. If you redraw the screen too much, your CPU will overload and your app will crash. Pay attention to exactly what you're drawing to the screen.
  19. One day, boys and girls, you'll decide to take the burden upon yourselves to construct a very convoluted system and decide whether abstracting your structural concepts more or less will be more user-friendly. For example, is a simple bitmap too complex for the casual user to understand or do we have to abstract the concept into a "foto pit-cher". But at the same time, we don't want to be saying that it is actually an array of numbers that represents colors and size and all th...
  20. Possible Nintendo's rule of three: 3 background layers only. There's a foreground layer, which all your GUI goes on. There's the interaction layer, where your main characters go on. And there's the non-interactive background layer with all the fancy parallax.
  21. When you gotta debug your own coding, it's a pain, especially in c++. I got new features functioning, but the thing crashes when you close it. Ain't that ironic? Might be something with disposing pointers, which I'm not too familiar with.
  22. Man, with Qt, you gotta subclass EVERYTHING. In .Net, you could create a custom "control" and draw to to it from any parent form. In Qt, you need to create a new subclassed "widget" for every individual instance of a drawing surface that you want.
  23. Any users who want to take advantage of Qt's optimized "painting" should do so in the form's PaintEvent via a QPainter object. Otherwise, you'll have to manually refresh/update dirty rectangles yourself.
  24. Using the same implementation from .Net over to Qt, I'm getting over 300+ frames per second! But I think that has something to do with multi-core processors. I'm sure once my engine starts getting more convoluted, performance will start to get clunky even though I believe my loop is pretty tight to begin with.
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