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  1. 911 Technical Support, how may we arrest you? http://t.co/HqEX6Rds via @modmyi
  2. Dear Mission Control, pixel sized previews of my applications helps nobody. Please return Expose #Lion #macdev #iosdev http://t.co/sZ5ZrQzy
  3. If I preorder an iPhone4s today, AT&T will charge me full price. Or I can cancel my plan, and save a $175 to go Sprint, like an incentive.
  4. Down to 20 frames in the simulator, so I profiled it on the iPad to see where the problem is. Turns out there is none, 60FPS+6%CPU #iosdev
  5. New co-op levels for Portal2, oh no! I was just starting to get some real work done. But work will have to wait. >:)
  6. Really hoping that next weeks "One More Thing" is a major fix for Lion OS #iosdev #macdev
  7. How does one drag a Entity from the CoreData model to the nib's NSView in the new Xcode4 to auto create a tableview? #macdev #iosdev #help
  8. I still feel very new at this, so check the feedbacks at the bottom, or even really tell me off in the comments http://t.co/vORKkVfm #iosdev
  9. I knew what I wanted to write about for #iDevBlogADay early, but I just now got to fixing the sample and now writing about it.
  10. If you haven't downloaded Petunk yet, What you waiting for? No, really. What you want to see added to it next? #iosdev http://t.co/7i9W11yU
  11. Remember when Apple made Expose a feature with windows identified by file name label, that was handy. Why would Lion not include that label?
  12. With good press, come good company standards: http://t.co/ROCnMulp
  13. Im included in a mobiles article that covered area devs in Spokane Journal of Business, I'm a somebody. Now how to spend the last 14minutes?
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