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    books of making a game engine?

    Game Code Complete Discusses the major components of a game engine, and has plenty of tips and tricks that are built off of the author's personal experience in the industry.
  2. Kl1X

    what is it called

    I would call it something like "Alternating Acceleration." But I have no idea what other people would call it. It seems to me that any implementation of this functionality would be very unique to the game it was designed for, and so any example you find would be of minor help at best.
  3. Kl1X

    My tic tac toe game link error

    Try removing _DEBUG from your C/C++ preprocessor definitions. source: http://www.gamedev.n...l-linker-error/
  4. Kl1X

    My tic tac toe game link error

    What is causing it exactly, I don't know exactly from just that snippet of code. However, that error basically means that the compiler can't find an external function definition. In other words, you are most likely missing an #include somewhere. Looks like you are missing something in your Square class header. EDIT: This link might help you Looks like you are trying to run a release build with _DEBUG defined, or you need to include the appropriate CRT library in your compilers linker settings.
  5. Kl1X

    C++ Overloaded Function?

    This isn't overloading, it's just inheritence. class BasePlusCommissionEmployee : public CommissionEmployee { The above line in the header essentially means that the class BasePlusCommissionEmployee inherits from the class CommissionEmployee. This is an "is a" relationaship, or BasePlusCommissionEmployee is a CommissionEmployee BasePlusCommissionEmployee::BasePlusCommissionEmployee( const string &first, const string &last, const string &ssn, double sales, double rate, double salary ) // explicitly call base-class constructor : CommissionEmployee( first, last, ssn, sales, rate ) { The above code in the constructor basically tells the compiler to pass the constructor arguements first, last, ssn, sales, and rate into the constructor of the base class. This lets the base class logic take care of creating it's own members, and the derived class then only has to deal with the salary parameter. This is just a nice handy way of creating a derived class without having to copy and paste the code from the base class constructor.
  6. Kl1X

    VB.NET multiline commenting

    Multi line commenting, similar to /*comment*/ does not exist in VB.NET. Like the poster above stated, the best way to comment blocks of code is to use the IDE control to do so.
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