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  1. Would this make a good game

    A couple nights ago I had an interesting dream that I thought might be a good story for a game. The dream was that around the world th earth began to break causing major cities to fall into the middle of the earth. The people that survived learned that there was a whole different world inside the middle of the earth. They had different tribes that were out to destory us and we had to learn how to adapt and survive. There were creatures from different time periods like t-rex some from the ice age, some mutant looking creature like a spider/scorpion.
  2. Starting Language

    so c# is best to start with?
  3. Starting Language

    Hello last week I started college in the computer networking engineer program. I am really interested in learing to code and make games, as well as all the networking stuff. On my off time I would like to start learning how to code and making small games on the side until I get better at it. What would be the best language to start with for a beginner?