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    Todo list /Design software

    Thanks for the reply guys. 
  2. Hey all,    Are there any tools/programs you would recommend to keep track of tasks. At the moment I'm using a pen and pad which isn't really ideal. 
  3. Can anyone recommend some great Android games?
  4. "I Don't Believe in the Moon, I Think It's Just the Back of the Sun"
  5. ...and a crash. Game Over, no more gaming for me today. #infamous2
  6. Interesting twist... To Save the Galaxy, Destroy Humanity: http://t.co/JIGPQcX
  7. An interesting article on why Angry Birds is so successfully and popular http://t.co/MZ1RxJe
  8. Mario Kart 7 gameplay footage: http://t.co/0TSFT2H
  9. A woman outside the tube station this morning handed me a Womanity perfume fragrance sample O_o #fb
  10. I plan to hit the gym hard tonight. Three days of eating crap is not good.
  11. The camera raising to a large crescendo of music with Batman looking to the Bat signal in the night time sky #bestmovieendingever
  12. I'm so not awake this morning. #starbucksneeded
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