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  1. Game design career interview questions

    As you should be! It's a great field if you can get into it.
  2. Simple yet good design of upgrade system?

    There's honestly a lot of different ways you could handle this. If anything, prototype type each of them and see which one you feel works best within the game. And don't be afraid to do small demos and give them to people to ask their opinions too.
  3. Production in the AAA scene

    Exactly, every team is different, and the person who runs the team might want it done a certain way, and that's how many games have been made.
  4. Community College or Online School?

    Bachelor's is preferred, however, there are exceptions. But, those exceptions are usually tied up around skill of the person.
  5. Feedback on tracks & networking advice

    When it comes to getting a following, you need to grind it out. It'll be slow, and you'll need to change tactics at times to keep their attention. Seek out people too that are in like-minded, as that'll help you grow by helping them grow.
  6. Writing question for RPG developers

    Definitely listen to that device about the branching dialogue. But, whenever you move to cutscenes, a movie script is a good way to think about it.
  7. Leaving a company at a critical moment

    In the end, you must do what's best for you. But, you must also be careful to not burn a bridge. If you do decide to leave, be open and honest with your former team and let them know why you're leaving. And if you can, ask the new job to give you a week or two to wrap things up with them so that you can move on without guilt.
  8. Execution: Backstory revelation

    I personally like the second idea better, but, it's your story. If anything, block out how both would look/work in the game, and then see which you feel resonates more.
  9. what is the appeal of fps games?

    I think that FPS games are popular because they give the illusion of YOU being the character, as it's being "viewed through your eyes" via the character whose face you usually never see.
  10. how to protect my game from piracy

    I wish there was an "easy" answer to that. Sadly, there isn't. If there was, gaming would be a much better place development wise.
  11. [Fantasy TBS] Looking For Feedback On Combat

    I'll try and check this out
  12. Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    This is definitely a feature that will need to be tested thoroughly if you want to implement this, because it could either work really well, or be the hardest boss fight in the game.
  13. what should i do in order to be a concept artist?

    The two things you need to do to be a concept artist is A) be an artist, and B) be able to draw concepts based on information given. In this case, you'll be hired to draw someone elses vision, which isn't always easy depending on the media you're drawing for. You need to know your style, draw it, and then show it to others, that way they can gauge whether you can fit a "similar" style so that they can get the details they want from the concept you'll draw. You also need to put yourself out there so you can get hired, go to sites like ConceptArt.org, you can post yourself there and see if anyone bites.
  14. Game Writing test

    I agree with what many have said here, and as for formatting, if nothing else, Google up some game scripts of this nature, you might be surprised by what you find.
  15. Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    That is the question, isn't it? Is there EVER a proper time for microtransactions? I'll admit, I've spend $40 in the past on microtransactions in the game Fire Emblem Heroes, but there was a specific reason for that, and it paid off, so I didn't feel bad. But, a lot of other people aren't so lucky, they try and spend a lot of money just to get a "leg up" on the competition, and it doesn't work like that. My thoughts are this, if you can find a way to input Microtransactions into the game while making sure that the game itself is not "hindered" because of it, I say you can try it. Just make sure the prices aren't too high!
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