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  1. You do like MJP suggested and get the path to the Application Data directory via the appropriate API calls. Google searching "Delphi <FOLDERID>" where <FOLDERID> is the name of the constant that MJP pointed out might lead you down the correct path.
  2.     It might be due to UAC Folder Virtualization.   see       Its not overly secure and for most scenarios you want settings and other volatile data to be per user anyway so you shouldn't be writing to a global directory, like program files, anyway.
  3. Please explain this about iPhone

    [quote name='capn_midnight' timestamp='1348322540' post='4982660'] Yeah, contacts in Android sync over the air, continuously. Updates come over the air, too. There is no *need* to ever connect an android phone to a computer. And they show up as USB drives when you do actually plug them in. [/quote] You must not own a Samsung phone then. Some of them require their 'Kies' software to update -- had to help a family member update their phone.