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  1. You do like MJP suggested and get the path to the Application Data directory via the appropriate API calls. Google searching "Delphi <FOLDERID>" where <FOLDERID> is the name of the constant that MJP pointed out might lead you down the correct path.
  2.     It might be due to UAC Folder Virtualization.   see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/gg465124       Its not overly secure and for most scenarios you want settings and other volatile data to be per user anyway so you shouldn't be writing to a global directory, like program files, anyway.
  3. Please explain this about iPhone

    [quote name='capn_midnight' timestamp='1348322540' post='4982660'] Yeah, contacts in Android sync over the air, continuously. Updates come over the air, too. There is no *need* to ever connect an android phone to a computer. And they show up as USB drives when you do actually plug them in. [/quote] You must not own a Samsung phone then. Some of them require their 'Kies' software to update -- had to help a family member update their phone.
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