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  1. Good article Macoy, I only think it might be wisely to put your prototype in a separate source repository. This will allow you to be more adventures with developing a prototype. Different branches might be used to focus on separate parts of you prototype. Also being able to revert back all your changes might be needed when you are not satisfied. Besides the normal benefits such as a pc/laptop crash.
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    The Importance of Commenting Your Code

    I have to agree Tbop on this. In past I use to think that commenting your code was a the best thing to do. Eventually I had to get rid off this idea. Simple for the fact that Tbop mention before. Good code is easy to read and self explanatory and does not need allot comments to explain its purpose. In cases where code would need comments to explain it's workings you might think twice before writing it. Add to this the fact that if anybody is going to mess with this code they should have a certain level of understanding of the language and project it self .Since we are not all super star programmers with uber skills that let us write code that only we understand this should be fine for majority of programmers. They only cases where I think comments should be used are - Code written is so complex that it cannot be described in pseudo code (re factoring this might be better idea ) - You are writing a library that has to be used by other programmers. In this case I would say commenting would be mandatory and you should keep you comment format consisted, preferably use a standard so you can generate documentation out of it as Tbop mention before. - You are using some fancy language specific exploit that is not well know, showing off your well profound leetness - You are doing some sort of quick and dirty hard coding fixture / hack showing off you lack of leetness or time to resolve the problem properly. In my years of experience found that when ever I had to debug an application because of a bug request. The bug was found where people documenting the most. So there seem to be a correlation between commented code and bugs. My guess is that good programmers naturally know when they are in need to explain their fuzzy code ;)
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