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  1. Worst Book Ever Awards

    Battlefield Earth. There are no words in the English language quite up to the task of describing how bad that book is. I only paid a quid or so for it and felt ripped off - it's just that bad.
  2. What are YOUR pc specs?

    My PC (Bender): Athlon64 3200+ 1x1024MB DDR-400 RAM ATI Radeon x800GT 256MB Nforce4 based motherboard 1x200GB SATA HDD My brother's PC (SHODAN): AthlonXP 2800+ 2x512MB DDR-333 RAM ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB Via 4-in-1 based motherboard 1x120GB IDE HDD, 1x40GB IDE HDD There's also Skynet but that PC stopped working ages ago and has had its hard disc and RAM recycled into SHODAN and its graphics card given away to one of my brother's friends. I'm in a good place financially right now so I could upgrade but I can't see a point when I don't play many games anymore. I'd still be using SHODAN if Skynet hadn't imploded for no apparent reason and refused to start working properly again for no reason that I could determine. All my family's machines use Windows XP Pro, though Bender also has an Ubuntu install on a secondary partition.
  3. How tall are you and how tall are your parents?

    I'm 5'6 and my parents are both about the same height. My brother's well over six foot tall though.
  4. Sony possibly licensing games instead of selling them??

    Quote:Original post by Eelcoi dont know the first thing about eula's, but i do know that exchanging money for stuff doesnt automaticly mean you own said stuff. there are more possible transactions than exchange of ownership, and i dont see why they couldnt legally apply to videogames. Most transactions that don't actually give you ownership of what you pay for are a bit more explicit about it than a few lines squirelled away in a license you don't see till long after the money's already changed hands in my experience. And the only reason for this sort of approach would be to keep computer game prices artificially high, which is not something that makes me happy.
  5. Sony possibly licensing games instead of selling them??

    Found that article. It's a British company and they have Microsoft's blessing to resell licenses from 'insolvent or downsizing companies'. Not quite as I remembered it. Oh well.
  6. Sony possibly licensing games instead of selling them??

    Quote:most transactions take place without an explicit contract. Most transactions don't come with half as many gotchas as buying computer software too. Quote:in an ideal world, a drop in value would be the expected market response. except that people who want to sell their game still would anyway (whos going to stop them?), so the value wouldnt drop, nor would the company sell more. hence why nothing changes if sony would choose to do this, except pissing off some people. hence why it isnt likely they will try this anyway. Well it does seem to have been untrue anyway. I just didn't like the principle of it. It's one thing to say no making duplicates and selling them on, it's another thing entirely to say that you're not allowed to sell on your copy of the software. And are you quite sure about the EULAs? I distinctly remember reading about a company that made its money from recycling Windows licenses and that doesn't seem particularly compatible with Microsoft licensing.
  7. Sony possibly licensing games instead of selling them??

    Quote:Original post by Eelco what was the last time you asked for it? and ofcource, if you dont like it, dont buy it. Asked for it? Since when has the default state of a contract been ' you don't get to see it'? Anyway, the don't buy it suits me fine: I've bought three games in the last eight months and none of them have held my attention for more than a few hours. It's more the principle of the matter than any practicality for me. If they want us to stop having ownership of games we buy, then prices should be dropped in accordance with this drop in status. Quote:Again, Crazy, like I said they could just put it on the outside of the box where it's easily seen. The EULA is how long and box is how big? Maybe if you used a microscopic font. You'd never ever be able to fit it all on with the usual screenshots and text, not even in the old days with the gigantic cardboard boxes.
  8. Sony possibly licensing games instead of selling them??

    I managed to find some more information and apparently the enforceability of EULAs depends on which court you're being heard in. Some US courts have upheld them, some have rejected them. What a bizarre situation that is. Still, I utterly loathe the idea of a contract that you don't see till after the transaction has been made. That way lays madness.
  9. Sony possibly licensing games instead of selling them??

    Quote:you made a certain transaction which has a certain legal meaning. Bullshit. There is no contract or license, written or otherwise, agreed when you buy a game. How you can claim that there is with a straight face is entirely beyond me. The only time we get to see the EULA is after the transaction has been made and the product opened, at which point mant places in the USA will simply not accept a return (thankfully that is not the situation where I live - we still have consumer rights that are worth a damn). There's no way that a contract only seen by one side after the deal is made can be regarded as fair. Or even legal, really. Has an EULA ever been succesfully enforced? I can't recall any cases and a quick google search shows nothing. And the idea of computer games being rented when you buy them is bloody absurd. There's a hell of a difference between paying a few hundred quid to rent a car worth thousands of pounds for a while and paying £35 for a piece of plastic that cost about 15p to manufacture. if they want me to accept that games are just rented then they'll have to drop prices considerably because this way they're having it all ways and the consumer's just lubing up and bending over. Thankfully, this appears to be nothing more than an alarmist rumour.
  10. any good 2d fps?

    Dowload Operation Wolf and an emulator. That's the stuff.
  11. New Physics Chips for video games

    I don't feel particularly enthused about this development myself. The graphics and sound cards are enough specialised processors in the PC for my tastes. I could do without another expensive card to purchase when putting together a decent gaming PC, thank you very much, and what happened with 3D accelerators doesn't fill me with confidence on the doing without front if these things take off.
  12. Seagate Announces 750GB Barracuda Hard Drives

    Quote:Original post by frob It's actually fairly common (another one listing 9 sources of memory bloat and ways to deal with them) and there are many ways that it happens. By default, it sets it's maximum RAM cache size to the amount of physical memory you have at startup. There is the session history issue where fully-rendered pages are kept in memory. There are many major memory leaks that certain people tend to encounter, some big ones were fixed in the very recent release. Yet another problem is buggy plug-ins. Another issue (historically) was the way that it kept multiple tabs in memory; poor design and implementation could cause a single tab to consume 10+MB. There are more, but that should be enough to tell you how it happens. Ah. Sounds like one of those problems that isn't very likely to show up for me because I tend to switch my computer off when I go to do something else instead of just leaving it on.
  13. Seagate Announces 750GB Barracuda Hard Drives

    Quote:Sure, its fine of the OS takes 100 RAM of memory. And Office takes another 300, but that's why we bought 1GB of ram. Oh, and then we have Firefox taking another 400. Then Java taking 100 or so for Zuma and other web games. Plus your IM program you can't live without -- Some of those can take 50MB or more. Oh, and the other little desktop toys, services, and spyware... How the bloody hell did you get Firefox to take up 400MB of RAM? Seriously, that's way, way more than I've ever seen any Gecko-based browser use and I've been using them for donkey's years now.
  14. How do you 'read' fantasy?

    Quote:Original post by tstrimp So, I guess I'm the only one who thoguht LoTR was too boring to finish? I didn't even finish the first chapter. Something about the writing style just turned me off completely.
  15. What is worse then big rigs?

    Quote:Original post by Cold_Steel I don't consider them bugs. I consider them nostalgia. Brings me back to the days of playing Fallout 2. Good times, buggy game. The Fallout 2 patch even invalidated saved games. Oh, those were the days. Say, doesn't Bethesda own the rights to Fallout now? Unfortunately, yes. They're in the early stages of developing Fallout 3 now, I think.