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  1. Web Based Multiplayer RTS

    Thanks for all the replies, you guys are awesome. Going to scrap everything and adventure into html 5 and javascript.
  2. Web Based Multiplayer RTS

    I want to make an RTS game and enable people to set up games through a web site. I have made some RTS games before, so far they have been very simple with basic pathfinding and only a few units. I am thinking the game could be done in silverlight (decent graphics is not a priority) with C#, as that is where I have the most experience. I also have some experience using openGL and DirectX, but those seem like they would be more difficult to use with a web launcher and 2D graphics is just fine for my game. The web integration part is where I have the most questions. I basically want to make lobby for players to set up games, then launch the game. It should also have some other features like chat and a ladder. What languages or tools should I learn to make the website (I have almost 0 web development experience)? Is something like this even feasible for someone with limited resources? I am thinking the game would run in browser, but is it also possible to have the site launch the game and have it run separately?
  3. RTS in C# with silverlight

    A couple friends and I are starting a project to make a multiplayer RTS game, we have started building it as an out of browser application written in C# using silverlight. We want to set up a website or at least a frontend application with chat capability and the ability to create and play the game with others over the internet. I wanted to make sure something like this is possible using silverlight (none of us have much network experience or experience creating multiplayer games). I know silverlight is not the best tool to use for creating a game but this is a largely educational project and it is what we are most familiar with. So, is something like what i am envisioning possible? If so, any suggestions as to how to go about creating a platform to launch games / chat / keep track of game statistics? Thanks for any help!