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  1. ongamex92

    Atum game engine is here

    Looks pretty nice! Do you have a twitter or something where I can follow your progress?
  2. ongamex92

    Adapting exiting desktop game to Android

    Well I already have Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 3.x abstracted away so these aren't a problem. The main thing that I want to reuse in that case is my CMake scripts, as I detest configuring libraries... About that pure C++ thing, can you point me any examples?
  3. ongamex92

    Adapting exiting desktop game to Android

    Thanks for the replay! All that feels like tedious work, I don't want to spend Christmas debugging Android crap, so I'll postphone it again
  4. Hello all, Currently I've got my game "engine" working on Desktop with OpenGL on top Win32/X11 and I want to port it to Android (and after that potentially to iOS). The question is what is the easiest way in my situation with least resistance (potentially with least amount of non C/C++ code)? I know that I need to make my OpenGL comply with OpenGL ES 2/3, but other that that I do not know how is the modern way to implement an C++ app for Android? As an additional info I'm currently using CMake.
  5. ongamex92

    Arcade car physics

    Thanks a lot! Well for that particular car it is just a convex mesh, similar to a box, but cut where the front window is (I'm at work currently so I cant show it to you). Wheels do not have any collision representation, they are just ray casts. (I'm using Bullet Physics if anyone is intrested).
  6. ongamex92

    Arcade car physics

    BTW I did something very similar with what they did in space dust racing. Here is the result
  7. ongamex92

    Simple ray-cast vehicle

    Hi guys, I want to write a really basic raycast vehicle(a car with 4 wheel that can steer). I tried to come up with the math's myself, but the result isn't good the car isn't stable, and oscillates up an down? Do you know any good tutorial on how to do it? Currently I do a raycast, and if the distances is lower than the distance my tire what's to be I apply this force (which really doesn't work): forcePerTire = RaycastDir * (hitDistance / IdealTireDistance) * forceMultiplier; I guess this is more a hoverboard, not a car,
  8. ongamex92

    FBX double sided materials

    I have the same I issue, all I found about it is that 3ds Max and Maya do not export such info to FBX, I do not know if it is still true, this is issue is on halt for me, there could be some dirty workarounds like adding custom properties to the materials or the meshes.
  9. Hi all In my 3rd person game the player can fully rotate the camera around him(like in the most 3rd person shooters or jump'n'run games), however I think that this control isn't needed in my game, and I think it would be better to "hardcode the camera" orientation for every different place in my game, something similar like in Super Mario 3D land. I'm not sure how to approach this problem, how to design the helpers in my level editor for that type of camera. The only thing that comes to my mind is each time the player enters a room/place the camera jumps and moves along a "rail" associated to that place? Are there any other approaches?
  10. ongamex92

    Rip internet 2017-12-14

    I hope this never happen to Europe and I hope that Americans will go outside and fu*k-up the streets, this is despicable. how can anyone agree on such thing. P.S. If this thing happened in Greece I would suspect that there wouldn't be a country called Greece by now
  11. ongamex92

    Rip internet 2017-12-14

    Yep this is despicable! I do not know how they did not start burning people and destroying building by now.
  12. Assimp doesn't work well with FBX files
  13. ongamex92

    C++ IDE for Linux

    I'm using VSCode + CMake that generates Ninja, works pretty well for me. (I use it for debugging, I still use Visual Studio unrder windows for development).
  14. Ah, so smart! In the previous post i was thinking "omg how will he solve it", and then this splendid idea
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