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  1. ongamex92

    Main classes on game engine.

    Usually in tutorials these are abstractions that just logically pack something that usually, by intention of the author, that is closely related and it is context specific. This is done to help you focus on that functionality alone. In practice you do not see, classes like "Engine" or "Game" as these are just some concepts that provide some functionallity. The Engine is just a set ot structs/classes/function/etc. that provide the functionally of the so called "engine". These are vaguely defined and vary from project to project. but when someone talks about the gameplay engine, they probably mean something that does managing of the playing objects like relationships between them, calling the update function, serving queries about the game scene (like the closest enemy, path finding). Usually "Scene" and "Level" mean the same thing. In tutorials and small projects "Game" usually means something that holds the whole state of the game that is currently being played, like it hold the data needed for the gameplay, the level, maybe some resources for rendering. sound or the state of the players input. "Application" is usually an abstraction around the window system of the OS, haling keyboard and mouse input. You are not obligated to use these same abstractions, you can build you code the way you think makes more sense. PS. Usually I do not use the word "usually" as often
  2. ongamex92

    Has C# replaced C++?

    In my view, 6 years ago I worked at a company that did games in C++. After that I've started working in a computer graphics company, again in C++. After work I write my own game engine in C++. During that time I've followed what people use to make games. And judging by the vocal people, C# indeed gained a ton of popularity because of XNA/MonoGame and of course Unity. It feel like Unity took the place of Flash for rapid prototyping, took the place for C++ rapid prototypes (aka guys that use frameworks and other engines that are C++ based like Ogre or Irrllicht). And the youth these days is interested in the flexibility of Unity and not the level of control that C++ provides. We've got to agree that picking up unity is way easier than making Ogre run, and then if we start talking about building a scene, or loading a 3D model, Unity just works(tm). So from my view C# is indeed big. C++ is stiil the go-to language for more bigger projects (and there are people like me that do their own engines). However the flexibility and prototyping power of Unity doesn't have a competition in the C++ (which If I have time I hope that my engine would be able to provide at least for the hobby guys). PS. Modern C++ isn't good in my opinion, it compiles slower, gives you less control(over the new features), and most importantly it is hard to debug. I use C++03 with some minor new features and STDLIB classes (like member initialization in decl, std::unique_ptr, override, template varargs, decltype, alignof, modern for loops stuff like that). And yes I've used it professionally I know the features, I just have really hard time getting things done if they are involved.
  3. ongamex92

    I'm quite happy

    Great to hear! Hope you'll start making youtube videos again, they were really motivating to me! Good luck!
  4. ongamex92

    Game engine devlog new video

    Hi all, here is a new video about the engine and the game that I work on in my free time after work. This time I hope nothing happens to the frame rate of the video...
  5. ongamex92

    How do you create your GUI?

    Nuklear is pretty much skinnable. Dear ImGui has skinning options, but they are quite limited.
  6. Hi all I have a new video, about the game engine (and a game) that I'm making. I did some shading, and a tool for animations. If you have questions just ask here Here is the video:
  7. ongamex92

    What can I expect as a Junior Programmer?

    I did a week of training, writing some minimal rendering engine in OpenGL ES 2.0 Then I ran straight into work, 1st task was to create iOS builds work with XCode, up until that point I have never ever seen a person who saw an Apple machine (I saw once a person with an IPhone) so was inexperienced with that. I've only been working with Visual Studio until that point. Then In an existing game I needed to write a support for a controller. The game was written by another studio and I worked alone. There was a lot of ActionScript for the UI, some objective C for the iOS cr*p, I really do not know how I managed to do it, but I did. This was task wise. I've approached things slowly and focusing on understanding deeply only the things that are directly needed for the task. Also I did not had any money, I had extremely little money for 2 weeks, and on my 1st day they dragged my into a restaurant and my money melted there. Thankfully a friend was able to give me a bit to survive those two weeks. So yeah, have that in mind, your new colleges might drag you into some place without knowing you financial situation.
  8. ongamex92

    ongamex album

  9. A short video where I talk about the progress on my game and game engine. In short the game is a 3rd person puzzle platformer written in C++ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIsXNgmh2-s
  10. Well instead of killing the object directly you could do this: // Game main loop. while (true) { std::set<Actor*> actorsThatNeedToBeKilled; for(Actor* a : playingActors) { // Code..... if(...) { Actor* enemy = findEnemyToKill(); if(enemy && ...) { actorsThatNeedToBeKilled.insert(enemy); } } } // Now kill the actors that no longer will participate in the game. and continue with the next frame. for(Actor* actorToKill : actorsThatNeedToBeKilled) { game.killAndDeleteActor(actorToKill) } }
  11. I'm not a fan of handles as it doesn't play well with oop. I would prefer going the pointer route. So you are saying shared and weak ptr's are ok when needed. And I should use raw ptr when possible? I've worked on projects that use handles and others that use smart pointers. Both could work, I just prefer handles, it's more explicit and safe to me. Otherwise, in the pointer-case, I'd use raw pointer for situation where I just need to read/write from it, where I do not need to remember which specific object I'm working with (which is 99% of that cases). and this is done to avoid needless ref count increments. With handle is more or less the same thing, you remember the handle only when you want to keep track of specific object otherwise you obtain a pointer to it for read/write and that's all.
  12. You could use handles. Instead or refering to objects directly with pointers, you could have a Unique id attached to the game object and then obtain the pointer (everytime when needed and don't cache it anywhere) using that handle. A lot of people are doing this. If you want the pointer approach shared_ptr+weak_ptr could do the thing for you. And if needed you could still keep the raw-pointer version when you don't need to cache the object, in order to reduce ref-counting (if retuning by share_ptr<T>& won't work).
  13. ongamex92

    Waves and Collisions

    Looks nice so far! Good job! I really like that deflecting thing.
  14. ongamex92

    Video about my Game Engine + Game

    @slayemin at some point I really want to do it, but currently I do not have a vision or an image on how this game should look like. All I have about it is in the video, which is really far away form commercially viable product, I'm just out of ideas. I really want come up with an idea where I have that "vision" and that seems reasonable for a single person. If that happens. I'll definitely do my best to release a commercial game.
  15. Hey guys, Finally I pulled myself together, and after 5 years or writing code after work I've decided to create a video about it. Basically I talk about what my game engine is, what my game "idea" is and random rambling about my motivation and full-time work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6DV8_u2E80 Hope you like it! EDIT: @slayemin inspired me to finally do it with his series.
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