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  1. Hi all In my 3rd person game the player can fully rotate the camera around him(like in the most 3rd person shooters or jump'n'run games), however I think that this control isn't needed in my game, and I think it would be better to "hardcode the camera" orientation for every different place in my game, something similar like in Super Mario 3D land. I'm not sure how to approach this problem, how to design the helpers in my level editor for that type of camera. The only thing that comes to my mind is each time the player enters a room/place the camera jumps and moves along a "rail" associated to that place? Are there any other approaches?
  2. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    I hope this never happen to Europe and I hope that Americans will go outside and fu*k-up the streets, this is despicable. how can anyone agree on such thing. P.S. If this thing happened in Greece I would suspect that there wouldn't be a country called Greece by now
  3. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    Yep this is despicable! I do not know how they did not start burning people and destroying building by now.
  4. Is it possible to program fbx model reader in VS2017?

    Assimp doesn't work well with FBX files
  5. C++ C++ IDE for Linux

    I'm using VSCode + CMake that generates Ninja, works pretty well for me. (I use it for debugging, I still use Visual Studio unrder windows for development).
  6. Ah, so smart! In the previous post i was thinking "omg how will he solve it", and then this splendid idea
  7. Ads ads ads...
  8. Yeah, sadly there isn't an alternative
  9. Hi all, I want to obtain the mouse movement win WINAPI. Basically if the cursor is on the left side of the screen and I move the mouse left, I want to sill get a -x value. I know that this was possible with DirectInput, but I cannot find a WinAPI equivalent. Is there any?
  10. OpenGL My first triangle

    Try right before system("pause")
  11. World of WarCraft, I still play it, but extremely casually, like max 3 hours a week, which is not enough for a mmo. Each time a new expansion gets released I take a few days off work just to play WoW,
  12. Bullet - btGhostObject

    I cannot spot directly the mistake you've got, it should work I guess... However a few weeks ago I had a problem with ghost objects with Collision Shapes that had scaling. It really did not work. After fighting a few battles, I've switched to btCollisionWorld::ContactResultCallback (see contactTest in btCollisionWorld or btDynamicsWorld for details). It works better for me and the rigid body used for triggering doesn't need to be in the dynamicsWorld for this to work.
  13. Congratulations! I hope you earn for at least a few more games with that one
  14. You could use scissor: Basically with scissors you can define a single rectangle in screen space, and everything that is outside of it does not get rendered. The idea is, when you render things that should be visible only in a window, or a list box area, you set the scissor rect to be position and sized so it covers the whole visible area.
  15. Basically this is a repost of my blog In short this is a simple C++ reflection system, that enables you to store and later access, a description of the data types that you're using. The features that I really wanted out of it were fast built times and custom tagging. You can directly see the minimal example here