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    Hi, I'm brand new developing with sdl i started developing with XNA a little but it got exausted since they don't have a pretty GUI, at least tables (data grids). I saw that most of the games are being developing using SDL. What i want to know is....what is the best GUI (simple to use) to use with SDL? And one that have textbo, datagrid, dropdowns and list. (More concret, controls like used in Football Manager etc...) And most important that work with SDL.Net because i'm developing in C# THanks in advance
  2. Hello i'm starting in XNA gaming develop and i have a question. Is there any possibility to create a list control (scrollable and sortable) in a easy way? Any code already implemented for that where we can just change the layout and data info? I already saw the possibility to import windows forms controls but i don't like it. I guess i can do a sortable list, rectangle with some header looking for click item and then i sort it (i guess is just this) but the problem is the can i do that? Thanks in advance EDIT: And a date picker is possible and how can i see one? Like football manager and other games have
  3. Thanks Nypyren It easy ;)
  4. I have this code and i want to convert the object to List<Riders> How can i do that instead of creating a new class with every items? [code] List<Riders> list_team_riders = new List<Riders>(); object obj = (from rider in frm.list_riders join rcont in frm.list_ridercontract on rider.PlayerID equals rcont.riderID where rcont.TeamID == tm.TeamID select new { rider }).ToList();[/code]
  5. 2D Graphic API

    Question, The SDL only works in new forms? ican't embeb that in a windows form?<br><br>EDIT:<br><br>Still no reference to add for Microsoft.Directx @ Visual Studio<br><br>i will take a look to slimdx is it good?<br>
  6. 2D Graphic API

    Hmm i don't know nothing about 3D or 2D API's As i told i only had done polygons and images movements with the system drawing graphics of windows forms default applications I was trying to download the Direct2D API but i can't install it, Windows 7 @64bits Just because in add reference i don't have Microsoft.Directx component to import. Any help i appreciate. And thanks for the help already ;) EDIT: I didn't understood the sdl it works like a video player?
  7. 2D Graphic API

    I want to use it with windows forms. I was asking for an easy because i never done nothing with 2D graphics except with the windows graphics class
  8. 2D Graphic API

    it's free and easy to user?
  9. Hello, I tried to search but didn't found nothing answering my problem... What's the best API to 2D graphics like football manager old simulation for C#? The old with balls? Thanks in advance