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  1. kbw

    C++ without pointers

    You don't need a pointers in C++ these days. But the biggest problem is the declaration of 'something;. It shouldn't be a reference, it should be value as you intend to rebind it with SetSomething. So remove the reference, and your code will work as expected.
  2. kbw

    dll injection problem with fstream!

    Because the streams haven't been initalised in that process.
  3. kbw

    Size of binary file? [C++]

    Use stat() to find the size of a file. It accesses the file's metadata rather than opening the file itself, so is more efficient.
  4. Be careful not to confuse rand() and srand(). srand() seeds the RNG, you typically call this once, and rand() gets the next value in the sequence, which you call when you need a random number.
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